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Vayu Mudra – How To Do Steps And Its Benefits

Vayu Mudra and Why it is Important?

Vayu Mudra is associated with a healthy lifestyle. Practicing it for a longer time will ensure you get the best results while leading a happy life. One of the best ways to stay healthy is to engage in some form of exercise that is sure to keep you fit as a fiddle.

how to do Vayu Mudra

A long-term practice of Vayu mudra will give positive results. Once you come in terms with doing it, there really is no way you’ll stop doing it, because it is easy and at the same time ceases to be boring. Take a look at the Vayu mudra benefits and how you can do them.

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The Meaning:

So, what does Vayu Mudra even mean? Before you get down to do this, let’s know the meaning of Vayu Mudra. Vayu as the name signifies is air. So, this mudra takes care of the air element in your body. It will control or regulate the movement of air inside your body which will make your body healthy in the long run. Vayu hand mudra takes care of all the diseases and irregularities that can occur due to the air imbalance.

How to do Vayu Mudra:

Since air imbalance in one of the major concern in humans, it really doesn’t matter what your age or gender is, or in which part of the county you reside. The steps are outlined below.

Vayu Mudra Steps:

Below are some of the given detailed steps which will explain you how to do this vayu hasta mudra:

  • Yoga and mudra exercises are emphasizes more on the comfort factor. So, just be prepared to be relaxed and comfortable. Make sure that
    you are wearing really loose and comfortable clothes.
  • Your body should feel free then only your mind will be able to concentrate on the yoga or mudra. Remember the key to success of this
    exercise is being able to be really relaxed and comfortable. Once this is in action, the rest will fall in place.
  • Begin with placing the tip of the index finger at the base of your thumb.
  • Now, gently pressurize the thumb upon your finger. This leads to amount of suppression of element air by element fire.

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Isn’t it quite simple? It is one of the easiest vayu mudra.

Vayu Mudra techiniqus

Vayu Mudra for Gas:

First, press the index finger on the base of the thumb.

Now, gently press the thumb on the index finger. The remaining three fingers have to be kept straight.
You may experience some pain. But that does not last long.

Vayu Mudra for Weight Loss:

This vayu mudra works like a magic for weight loss. Place the tip of your ring finger on the base of the thumb and then apply gentle pressure on your ring finger along with your thumb.

Vayu Mudra for Vata Dosha:

Here is how you can do vayu mudra for vata dosha. Gently join the index fingertip to the thumb of your tip. Feel the energy induce into your body as you feel the awakening.

Vayu Mudra for Neck Stiffness:

The trick is to join the nail of your index finger with the inside of your thumb.
Now, press the finger gently with the thumb. Keep the other three fingers straight and relaxed.

Speciality of Vayu Mudra Yoga:

Regular and efficient practise of vayu mudra can help you to get rid of any diseases because of air imbalance. It takes care of the air imbalance in your body, thereby restoring the balance making you feel at ease.

Benefits of Vayu Mudra:

Apart from the air balance, Vayu Mudra is known to tackle many other problems like the following.

  • It helps regulate and balance the air element within your body,
  • Heals and treats you against any air imbalance diseases,
  • Reduces extra air from stomach and body,
  • Tightens and strengthens your chest,
  • Relives you against chest pains,
  • Builds immunity for your body against cold and cough,
  • It is also very useful against paralysis,
  • It helps fight against any crack or disorder in neck.

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Vayu Mudra Side Effects:

While all mudras are beneficial to us, some may warrant side effects. In case you experience any unnatural or unwanted side effects, stop doing it and it advised to consult an expert.

When and how long should you do it?

Regular practise of this mudra for over 45 minutes daily will help you in getting relief from air imbalance diseases. This will reduce the intensity of diseases within 12-24 hours. To witness the best and efficient results, make sure you practice regularly for two months. You can also do vayu hand mudra while sitting, standing or even when lying down. The vayu mudra uses are manifold. Only when you do them, you understand them.

Because, haven’t we heard “health is wealth”? Vayu mudra is related to the air element of the body. 15-20 minutes practice of this mudra each day will give you ultimate results. This yogic hand gesture will regulate and reduce the air element within your body. Excess air in the body can cause certain elements. And that’s why we recommend this mudra for you to effectively tackle the situation.

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