What Exercises Should You Do During Your Period?

What Exercises Should You Do During Your Period?

Contrary to what most girls believe, working out during your period can actually do more good than damage as numerous exercises calm menstrual pain. Dealing with PMS and cramps is not easy but if you can do something to relieve pain and uplift your spirit all while keeping fit, why wouldn’t you?!

There are plenty of exercises you should do during your period, but keep in mind that not all of them are recommended while you’ve got your menses. Depending on what you like most, you can check out the following exercises and choose the best one for working out during periods.


If you love aerobics you shouldn’t stop just because you have your menstrual cycle. This is a type of physical activity that is fun and that can help you get rid of cramps if done at a moderate intensity level. Plus, the music and the high-energy from the room will distract you from paying attention to most cramps.

What Exercises Should You Do During Your Period?


Jogging is a great workout especially if you like being outdoors. This low intensity cardio workout helps the body release endorphins which block the transmission of pain signals and create a feel good state of mind.

Running on the other hand is not advised as a study revealed an association between women athlete’s during their menstrual cycle and an increase in the risk of ACL injury.


Just like aerobics, dancing can make you feel better while working out during your period. Put on your fave music and jam your cramps away!

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Yoga is considered beneficial for your body and mind, but not all yoga exercises are good for you during your period. It seems like intense yoga and inverted poses are to be avoided as they can make matters worst for you. Stick to mild yoga instead and work your way to feeling better and looking hot.

What Exercises Should You Do During Your Period?

These yoga poses help ease menstrual cramps: the Head to knee forward bend – Janu Sirsasana pose, the Noose – Pasasana pose, the Camel pose, and the Fish pose – Matsyasana pose.

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Although most women don’t wanna go near a swimsuit when menstruating, swimming can actually be good for you. Swimming is a great exercise as it doesn’t put pressure on the joints and the water’s resistance helps strengthen the muscles. In addition to a good workout, the water pressure can also help relieve cramps, so take the necessary precautions and go for a swim even if you have your period.

Do you have any exercise tips that help relieve menstrual cramps?

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