How to Do Anusara Yoga Asanas and Benefits

Anusara Yoga was founded by John Friend in 1997. It became popular in United States very soon and spread to Asia and Europe in no time. It is one of the most meaningful form of yoga to be seen and has several interesting poses shared in the following few paragraphs.

Anusara Yoga Poses:

We have enlisted below some best Anusara Yoga Asanas and their benefits.

1. The Half Moon Pose:

anusara yoga

The Half Moon Pose challenges your leg muscles and your balancing abilities. There are several modifications for this particular pose so that both beginners and advanced learners can practice it. It also has health benefits such as lengthening the spine, stretching the harm strings and opening up the chest. It also reduces anxiety and stress.

2. The Half Locust Pose:

Anusara Yoga Asanas-Half Locust Pose

The half locust pose is also known as Salabhasana. It tones and strengthens your body and helps you deepen the ends of your back with ease. It opens your lungs and helps you breathe better. The muscles in your legs, torso and buttocks also get toned and well shaped. It will also provide strength to your chest and abdominal muscles.

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3. The Crocodile Pose:

Anusara Yoga Asanas -anusara yoga

Lie flat on the floor on your stomach and widen your legs. Squeeze your buttocks and lift your chest up. Tuck your chin in and slowly put your forehead on your arms. Relax. Hold your breath in this position for a few seconds and repeat this pose a couple of times. This will help you do the Crocodile pose, which is considered very important in Anusara yoga.

4. The Boat Pose:

For the boat pose, sit on your yoga mat and gently put your feet out. Lean your body towards the back and lift your legs off the floor. Put your legs out in such a way that they are parallel to the floor. Release your thighs and let your palms face towards the body. Stay in this pose for about five to ten breathes and the repeat a few times.

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5. The Warrior Pose:

Anusara Yoga Asanas-Trikonasana

For the warrior pose you need to exhale and jump with your feet apart. Raise your arms in such a way that they are parallel to each other and turn your left foot about 45 b to 60 degrees on the right. Bend your right knee and exhale. Stay for thirty seconds to a minute and repeat this a few times. With this, you will successfully finish doing the warrior pose.

6. The Mountain Pose:

Anusara Yoga Asanas-Mountain

The Mountain Pose is also popularly known as Tadasana. It heals your body and mind and also provides strength to your body. All you need to do is stand with your feet together and brings your hands together, with your palms facing each other. Breathe deeply. Remember to close your eyes while doing this.

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7. The Easy Pose:

Anusara Yoga Asanas-easy pose

The Easy pose is very popular for increasing your concentration level. For this you need to sit with your legs folded. Your hands should be on your knees. Breathe in and out a few times. Then hold your breath for a few seconds and release. Do this for five minutes constantly.

8. The Sundial Pose:

anusara yoga -Sundial Pose

Also known as Dandasana, this pose is very complicated. You need to bring your left near your head and hold your foot with your hand and stretch. You need to sit up straight for this pose and keep your breathe even for as long as possible.

9. The Revolved Triangle Pose:

Anusara Yoga Asanas- half moon pose

For this pose, you need to stand straight and step your left foot out. Exhale, bend forward and place your fingers on the floor. Twist towards the left, raise your arm on the left and point upwards.

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