Worst Foods to Eat Before Your Wedding

Worst Foods to Eat Before Your Wedding

Looking your best in the wedding dress is very important on your big day, so foods that cause bloating must absolutely be avoided. However, they’re not the worst foods to eat before your wedding, since there are also other culprits which can sabotage your breath and your teeth.

Find out which foods and drinks to skip on your wedding day and a couple of days before it. By avoiding these problem drinks and foods, you’re preventing unpleasant problems that could spoil your mood as you walk down the aisle.

Beans and Cruciferous Vegetables

If you’d like to keep your wedding day gas free, forget about eating any type of beans, or cruciferous vegetables, including cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and even cabbage. They’re some of the worst foods to eat before your wedding day, because they can be responsible for unpleasant bloating and gas at the wrong time. Stay away from them, especially if they’re raw.

Worst Foods to Eat Before Your Wedding


Skip caffeinated drinks on your wedding day. Whether you drink it hot or cold, it can make you sweaty and jittery and you don’t need any anxiety on such a great day. If you do need a little caffeine, go for a very small black coffee. When you pack it with sugar, milk or creamers, coffee can also be responsible for bad breath. Use a straw to minimize any coffee stains on your teeth.

Artificial Sweeteners

There are two reasons why should avoid artificial sweeteners before your wedding. Sorbitol, the most commonly used one, can be responsible for bloating. Stick to fresh fruit and you’ll avoid this problem. Another reason why you need to stay clear of sorbitol, including chewing gum or eating hard candy, is that it can become a laxative when you’re putting too much of it in your mouth.

Worst Foods to Eat Before Your Wedding

Junk Food

It’s important to find comfort food that’s not packed with fats, salts and sugar. While salty junk food can increase the risk of water retention, fats can slow down your digestion and the sugars will mess with your energy levels. French fries, pizza and donuts are among the worst foods to eat before your wedding day.


Even if you’re not sensitive to dairy and you know it doesn’t usually cause cramps, gas or bloating, you should probably stay away from fatty cheeses. They’re some of the worst foods to eat before your wedding day and you should phase them out a week before your big day. Natural Greek yogurt is the safest dairy to try since it promotes good digestion.

Carbonated Drinks

If you’re not avoiding carbonated drinks because of artificial sweeteners, cut them out before your big day because the carbon dioxide can make you feel bloated. You shouldn’t say no to a single glass of champagne during the ceremony, but otherwise avoide any drinks with bubbles, including sparkling water.

Worst Foods to Eat Before Your Wedding


While they’re packed with antioxidants and seem like the perfect natural light snack during the stressful time up to your nuptials, you’re taking a big gamble with berries, because of their seeds. Don’t take the risk of having seeds in between your teeth as you say your vows, so avoid raspberries, strawberries and blackberries. They’re one of the worst foods to eat before your wedding day, so focus on seedless fruit.


Scheduling the bachelorette party days before your wedding is always a bad idea, since you’re likely to over-drink. Alcohol leaves you dehydrated and causes water retention, but it can also have an unpleasant effect on your digestive system. If you absolutely want a drink, go for a glass of white wine. It’s not carbonated and it won’t stain your teeth.

Best Foods to Eat Before Your Wedding

Once you’re crossed worst foods to eat before your wedding day off your list, it’s also important to focus on foods that will have a positive impact on your body. Green tea and herbal teas give you less are the right drinks to sip on before your nuptials, since they’re packed with antioxidants and give you energy for longer than coffee.

Worst Foods to Eat Before Your Wedding

Unless your digestion is affected by gluten, go for whole grains, including oatmeal. Avoid white bread, rice and pasta since they’ll cause a powerful spike in your blood sugar levels, while whole grains keep you energized for longer. Stick to fresh salads and snack on asparagus, since it’s packed with fiber and can prevent bloating.

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