Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain – Our Best 25

Back pain especially in the lower area can only occur because of a certain set of improper care or lack of proper structure. Even though it is quite a difficult pain to deal with, it is often one of the most common body aches that occur and conveniently is something you can always treat at home. Certain tricks, tips and remedies can always help you go a long way. There are huge numbers of people who suffer from low back pain and theorist part is- there is no cure. This can just be reduced by trail and error method that works best for you. This problem can also irritate nerve roots that cause pain.

Remedies For Lower Back Pain RELIEF

Endorphins are hormones that are made into the body naturally. When it’s released into the body, it blocks the pain signals to register with brain. This is useful in stress, anxiety, and depression that are linked to chronic back pain.

Best Home Remedies For Lower Back Pain:

This article will guide you about what are the natural home remedies for lower back pain relief with simple effort.

1. Exercise:

strenth Exercises 4 lumbars

The abs and back muscle is vital to support lower lumbar spine. They normally don’t get good workout. Thus, it is advisable that you do more of back strengthening exercises. They are simple and just need to be done 25 minutes daily.

2. Soothe With Temperature:

Ice Pack

Never think that application of cold packs or hot packs regularly can’t reduce lower back pain. This is a best healing method.

• Cold therapy can lower inflammation that occurs with the back pain. This is also an anesthetic to slow down nerve impulses that can keep nerves from any spasming and pain. You can make use of homemade ice and even gel packs to sooth chronic back pain.

• Heat therapy helps in stimulating blood flow that gets the healing nutrients at affected area of your low back. This is also effective to inhibit pain messages that are sent to brain. For this you can take hot bath, soak in hot tub, heating pad, hot bottle of water or just wrap for continuous, warm heat to the lower back.

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3. Stretch The Hamstrings:

Hamstring Stretches

This has to be done 2 times in a day. This is the easiest home treatment method to alleviate your lower back pain. Do this gently, if you keep light hamstrings it can cause more stress all over lower back and even sacroiliac joint. This will in turn cause more pain.

4. Keep Your Brain Engaged:

Pain is even more complicated when compared to sensation. Try to develop some skills for the brain to lower to just ignore any pain signals. By doing this expertise skills you can reduce the pain. This is one of the simplest tips to get relief from lower back or other pains.

5. Find Fun Activities:

Walking dog

Continuous pain can create havoc into your life. This will also affect your relationships, mood, and finances. This also interrupts your sleep and also destabilizes the mood. This leads to various other problems with chronic lower back pain. Thus, to reduce the pain you can select few fun activities that work for you. For example: drinking coffee, chatting on the phone, taking dog for a walk, etc.

6. Perfect Posture:

Be at a place where you have to be at a straight on the back. You can also do this by standing straight with the weight balanced on the both feet. Just Tilt the pelvis forward and then to the back. Settle and feel comfortable. It is the most important remedy for lower back pain.

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7. Rub Ointment:

Massages 4

You can massage your aching area. For this use “back rub” cream and ointment. Be cautious about topical creams as they tend to produce much skin irritation after some applications.

8. Ginger Root Cures The Lower Back Pain:

ginger 8

This is also used to treat vomiting that is known to lower back pain. This has anti-inflammatory compounds that provide soothing effect on the backache. You can just apply ginger paste onto the affected area and the follow with the eucalyptus oil.

9. Basil Leaves:


Basil leaves acts as a good remedy to cure lower back pain. Just add 10 basil leaves into 1 cup water. Let it boil till water evaporates half. Cool this and add pinch of salt. You can consume this drink 1 time daily. Basil is one of the best natural herbal home remedies for lower back pain.

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10. Yoga Helps To Relief From Lower Back Pain:


Before we move into any other section, let’s talk about the benefits of yoga and how it helps in bringing down your back pain significantly. There are specific sets of yoga that are appropriate for a heavy back pain. Opt for them and drive away stubborn lower back pain from the comforts of your own home.

11. Change The Way You Sleep:


Home remedies for lower back pain has also something to do with sleeping posture and the way you place your body while you sleep. Improper posture would often cause a bad effect on the back muscles thereby encouraging back pain. usually if you prop your upper body a few inches up whilst sleeping, a back pain is surely incoming.

12. Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint is a good muscle relaxer owing to its cooling effect that chills the heated painful muscles and calms them down thereby soothing in on the pain. Even though this is a temporary relief, you can always try it for on the spot action that would provide instant relief.

13. Chiropractor To The Rescue:

Chiropractor To The Rescue

A chiropractor can be defined as a doctor that uses his magical hands to relieve pain cause due to neuromuscular reasons. Opting for chiropractic ailment can help you get rid of your stubborn back pain without you having to subject to too much hard work. However, it is best if you consult a professional chiropractor before indulging in this technique.

14. Ease On The Heavy Lifting:

Heavy Lifting

This is a cause especially for the everyday gym buffs who never miss a morning routine at the gym. A study revealed that too much weight lifting can eventually cause pain in the spinal or lower pelvic region. Everything has a certain limit and once that exceeds even your muscles can give up on you. if you are a regular heavy lifter, it is better if you reduce the load or opt for intervals in between days.

15. Turmeric Can Get Rid Of Lower Back Pain:


Turmeric is yet another spice special that has exemplary anti inflammation properties so that the aching muscles can easily be sated. Turmeric can actually be used as a paste along with milk and applied to the aching spot or simply be consumed in the form of haldi milk.

16. Obesity:


Remedies for lower back pain are usually a lot of times depending on the weight you carry, especially on your upper body. Fat and heavy weight weighing down on the lower body usually puts a lot of pressure on the hip girdles thereby resulting in lower back pain. keep the weight in check and keep pain and hassle away from you.

17. Reduce Smoking:

Reduce Smoking

Smoking induces in your body a lot of nicotine from the brunt tobacco, something that makes bones go weak, sometimes permeable or perforated even. With weak bones comes the pressure of carrying the muscles, sinews and tendons, something that definitely would result in lower back pain.

18. Sit Up Straight:

Sit Up Straight

The way you sit has a lot to do with your back pains. Usually a long tiring day in the office would usually mean you lazying in a chair with a bent spine looking at some important documents. Bending down straining your spine in that order is exactly why the back pain in your lower back always persists. Sit reclined back with a straight spine whenever possible.

19. Cycling:


Best natural home remedy for lower back pain also would have you paddle around a bit during your leisure days allowing you to have a proper exercise of your lower pelvic muscles. Cycling also strengthens your lower body and tones them up so that you can keep your body firm while driving the pain away.

20. Acupuncture:


Acupuncture is an old remedy from the wisdom folk of Chinese where through some precise insertion of needles on certain parts of your body, you can actually help shoo the pain away. Chinese believes in chi or free flowing body energy which when obstructed causes the pain. The needles would poke the pressure knots and open them up. Acupuncture is the efficient home made treatment for lower back pain relief.

21. Garlic:


Garlic too is a good anti inflammatory spice that not only add taste and flavor to your everyday dish but also help you cure your lower back pain. garlic in the form of a spice should be taken but of course within limited means so that the problem of bad breath don’t occur.

22. Calcium Control:

Calcium Control

Calcium in your body keeps your bones strong and tough. With a strong bone structure, back pain emerging from the bones can easily be kept at bay. This too is a form of arthritis and with enough calcium intake can be kept at its intact strength. Either take in a lot of dairy products or subject to calcium intake in the form of pills and tablets.

23. Get Some Sun:

Sun, a natural source of vitamin D is always helpful for curing minor muscle aches. Even though this does not directly take part in curing your back pain, catching some rays would actually help you expose your dampened skin to some much needed vitamin D.

24. Avoid High Heels:

Heely Affair

When in doubt about your constant persisting back pain, always make sure you avoid wearing too high a heel. Heeled shoes always cause a strain in your leg or your feet and the pain from the feet slowly crawls up to the waist causing back pain.

25. Swim Away:


Swimming is a good way of getting rid of all sorts of body pain especially the ones on your back. Often allot a small span of time to swimming each day and slowly increase the amount to a bit more with each passing days. Swimming is a good way to get your body exercised and flexible. However, one should stay away from hard twists or strokes.

Hope these simple tips will be useful for the spine and back to stay aligned and give your healthy life. Do leave your feedback below.