10 Latest Fire Door Designs With Pictures In 2020

When it comes to Fire, there is no way you can take chances with regular doors and infrastructure! As per the Building Fire safety guidelines, any home or commercial space must be prepared for potential fire breaks with special fire door designs near the exit points. When it was an emergency, these doors can prevent the spread of fire and smoke to other points of the building.

Best Rated Fire Door Designs

Fire-rated doors are different from normal doors in terms of material, design and functionality. They can withstand even extreme temperatures and minimize damage to life and property. Read along to understand more about the specifications, types of fire doors, along with a catalogue of 10 latest fire door designs.

What Is A Fire Door?

Fire Resistant door is made with a special Fireproof material like glass, steel, gypsum, vermiculite boards and even wood! These materials can resist fire for a minimum of 20 minutes to up to 90 minutes, giving enough time for people to evacuate the place. They are installed near the exit points like staircases, corridors etc.

What Are The Different Types Of Fire Doors?

A typical Fireproof door must comply with set regulations and guidelines in terms of quality, efficiency, design and durability. Before you decide on the right door for your building, you must be aware of the different classifications of doors, based on their materials

  • Glass Doors: They are made with special fireproof glasses, which fall under 3Integrity ratings – Class E, Class EW, class EI, depending on their ability to resist heat, flames and smoke. Also, the glasses are classified into three types like E30, E60 and E120, where E is the integrity and the number indicates the time of fire resistance provided. For example, E60 doors offer fire protection for up to 60 minutes.
  • Timber Doors: Although a regular timber can catch fire, Timber fire doors are treated with special chemicals to resist it. They are classified into FD30, FD 60 etc., where FD is the integrity level and the number is the minutes of fire protection offered.
  • Steel Doors: They are made with galvanized steel to fight the fire. They are available in different types like Hollow doors, panelled etc., along with internal insulating materials.

What Is The Purpose Of A Fire Door?

Here are the top reasons why fire doors are worth an investment for your building.

  • Fire check doors prevent a small flame from bursting into extensive, uncontrollable fires.
  • They control the spreading of fire, heat and smoke from one area of the building to the other, by acting as barriers.
  • Some of these doors come with a self-closing mechanism to minimise the fire exposure
  • By resisting the blaze for a good amount of time, these doors can allow people to quickly move out the building.
  • They can also withstand very high temperatures of 200°Cand beyond to minimise the damage to neighbourhood buildings.

Points To Consider Before Buying Fire Doors:

Follow this guide to understand how to choose the right fire safety door for your building:

  • Always invest in good quality, office and home fire doors, that offer the best level of fire protection. Learn about the different certification ratings, along with the quality and durability of materials.
  • If your building has an area that stores inflammable elements like gasoline, chemicals etc, go for a steel fire door, as it is thick and effective.
  • In case you want to go for timber or glazed doors, check for their integrity ratings and fire resistance time before making an investment.
  • It is also recommended to buy a customized door, instead of a readymade one for better suitability and fit.
  • Speak to your seller about the best fire door brands, along with the warranty of the door and maintenance guide.

Best Fire-Rated Door Designs In India:

Here are our 10 simple and latest fire door images with detailed descriptions. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Designer Fire Doors:

Designer Fire Doors

A fire door need not always be plain and boring! Along with offering thermal protection, a designer fire door can also add beauty to your home. Check out this internal double door fire door that is made with chemically treated oak wood. This glazed door not only looks stylish but also does what it says!

  • Door Type: Double open Hinged Fire Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: Beige.

2. Fire Exit Door:

Fire Exit Door

For a very large area like an office or theatre, a sturdy fire door is a must! Here is one such steel door for installing at a fire exit. The green colour quickly grabs the attention of people in case of emergencies, while the double-glazed door traps smoke and heat inside. It also comes with an adjustable bar for handling during panic situations!

  • Door Type: Glazed Fire Exit DoubleDoor.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Colour: Green.

3. Steel Fire Door Designs:

Steel Fire Door Designs

This is one of the modern fire doors, customised in red for better colour coding. The door can be used near fire exit points like staircases and other escape routes. It comes with a push bar to open the door. The density of this door offers superior protection from fire and the tiny glass window provides a better view!

  • Door Type: Steel Fire Double Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Colour: Red.

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4. Wooden Fire Door:

Wooden Fire Door

Wooden doors also offer excellent heat insulation. If you are looking for a door that blends with the rest of your wood décor, you can opt for this door. Along with a wood grain finish, you are looking for, the double open, hinged door also comes with glass panels for better visibility. It also has an automatic close system in case of emergencies.

  • Door Type: Steel Fire Double Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Colour: Red.

5. Office Fire Door Designs:

Office Fire Door Designs

Here is another fire door that is specially designed for office spaces. This glazed door is made with treated oak panels to resist heat. The double-glazed glass enables better visibility to the surroundings. This type of door is ideally installed near lifts, common spaces and assembly points.

  • Door Type: Double Open Office Fire Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: Brown.

6. Fire Rated Entry Doors:

Fire Rated Entry Doors

This is an FD60 fire rated timber door that is specially made for entry points. The external 1-hour fire-rated door can withstand extreme heat. It is wise to make an investment on this door to escape unscratched during emergencies. Along with an entry point, you can even use this door for your backyards

  • Door Type: External Fire Door.
  • Position: Exteriors.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: Beige.

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7. Sliding Fire Doors:

Sliding Fire Doors

If you have a large entrance like this, a sliding door works better than a traditional hinged door. Made with galvanized steel, this door works well for shopping malls, offices and skyscrapers. The sturdy door can resist heat for a long time, along with making enough room for people to escape. The glass panels can trap smoke and heat to prevent it from getting spread.

  • Door Type: Sliding Fire Door Designs.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Steel.
  • Colour: Blue.

8. Bedroom Fire Door Designs:

Bedroom Fire Door Designs

Experts suggest that closing a bedroom before sleeping can save your lives incase of sudden fire. The fireproof door can prevent the flames from entering your room, where you can stay safe inside. This is why modern homes must think ahead and invest in these special doors, instead of normal doors to minimise the loss.

  • Door Type: White Bedroom Fire Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: White.

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9. Fire Doors With Glass:

Fire Doors With Glass

The fire-rated door can be designed in any model or style based on your requirements. Along with enhancing the aesthetics, a door like this can also maximise the protection from fire. This 4 pane oak door can withstand heat and smoke. Being a standard sized door, it goes very well for your internal rooms.

  • Door Type: Fire Door With Glass.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: Light Brown.

10. Kitchen Fire Door Designs:

Kitchen Fire Door Designs

The kitchen can be a potential starting point for a flame in the house. Sudden gas leaks, explosions and even unattended stove can set your home ablaze in minutes. This is why you must replace your normal door with a special fireproof door to confine the flames to the room. Here is one such stylish design that is both stylish and functional.

  • Door Type: Kitchen Fire Door.
  • Position: Interiors.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Colour: White.

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A fire can gulp down even a massive building in just a few hours. Instead of taking chances, it is better to invest in passive fire protection and fire fighting doors. You need to equip your homes and buildings with all the necessary elements like fire doors, alarms etc., These must be a part of your building construction plan and not treated as separate investments. So, if you are getting a new homemade, do remember these points and prepare for the worst!