15 Different Types of Door Curtains with Pictures

15 Different Types of Door Curtains with Pictures

Curtains have been an integral part of human lifestyle since a very long period of time. The interior design of your house is incomplete if your Windows, Doors and balcony don’t have a proper curtain cover. Therefore you need to ensure that your home decor consists of well-presented stylish curtains.

Curtains have different types and there are also alternative options to curtains in the form of drapes, blinds, etc. The wide variety of curtain styles is based on the material used, color of the curtain, finishing style, top style, purpose of use, etc. But when we go for curtain shopping, the first thing we consider is the purpose of buying it, i.e. where is the curtain going to be placed, i.e. door, window, balcony, bathroom or else outdoors. Then on the basis of that, your further choice depends. One such important place which requires a curtain for safety as well as style is the door of your house.

Beautiful and Latest Door Curtains in India:

Door Curtains have a wide variety on the basis of the door type, the curtain material; add on materials used, etc.  Following are the Top 15 Door Curtains Designs that you can consider while buying your ideal door curtain.

1. French Style Door Curtains:

French Door Curtains are mostly either made up of polyester or else simple cotton. These curtains can be plain or designer in color. The consistency varies as per your preference. You can go for an opaque or else a transparent Sheer French curtain. A French curtain can be fitted on your door either in a fully unfurled manner or else tied in a vertical bow tie shape. It is always a combination of two vertical rectangular fabric curtains.

2. Printed Door Curtains:

One of the door curtain styles extremely popular among the modern youth, printed door curtains come in a wide range of variety of different prints like floral design, fictional characters design, etc. Usually people buy matching door curtains set of 4 together which are washable, so that they can use alternative clean curtains every week.

3. Door Curtains in Beaded Style:

Beaded door curtains are the most popular Door curtain style as far as the current curtain trend is concerned. Basically a beaded curtain refers to a curtain formed by closely attaching different thread or fiber strips together, but at the same time ensuring that they appear as separately hanging apart from each other. They are studded with beads in their vertical structures. You can refer the above image for a better idea of Beaded Door Curtains.

4. Painted Door Curtains:

A customized design on your door curtain would always look very stylish and attractive to every other visitor. But this is not possible in case of printed curtains as the designs are pre-defined. So in such a case you can go for a custom painted Door curtain consisting of the painting of your choice such as a celebrity, or a natural scene or a cartoon character, etc. Like Printed door curtains, people also buy these in matching door curtains set of 2.

5. Door Curtains with Bamboo Blinds:

One of the most commonly seen styles of door curtains in the Western Countries, especially in American Countries, is the style having a combination of normal door curtains with bamboo blinds. Bamboo Blinds are basically vertical structures made of bamboo slit horizontally in several strips at equal distance to partially allow the sunlight to enter your living room through the slits. A bamboo blind when accompanied by a simple fabric door curtain, it gives your door a more elevated look.

6. Sheer Door Curtains:

Sheer Door curtains refer to curtains which have a transparent consistency. If you want your visitors to notice your original door design and also have a subtle display of stylish curtain at the same time, you can go for this type of door curtain. Usually if you choose a Sheer style Door Curtain, white is the universal color in that style. But you can also go for any other light color option like a Cream Color or Lemon Yellow color.

7. Embroidered Door Curtains:

You have already seen that a variation in the colour, design, etc. of your curtain done by printing, painting, etc. really helps you to evolve the look of your door curtain. Similarly, embroidery work in various designs also makes your door curtain look very attractive and catchy. You can also spice up the texture of your door curtain by using a different material to do the embroidery on the curtain like silk or wool.

8. Box Pleat Valance Style Long Door Curtains:

Only long door curtains can be hung in a Box Pleat Valance Style. Pleat is basically the way in which you horizontally give folds to your door curtain and Valance is the beautiful fabric extension to your door curtain which at times comes in a unique design. Thus, box pleat refers to giving box shaped folds to your door curtain at the top while the Valance will flow vertically in a sleek manner.

9. Handmade Door Curtains:

Door Curtain Styles which can also be handmade include Beaded Door Curtains, Embroidered Door Curtains, Painted Door Curtains, etc. Usually a thicker thread is required to manually weave a fine curtain and a lot of skill is involved. But Handmade Curtains are always more durable and they also give you an option of customized curtain designs as per your desire.

10. Ring Top Slider Door Curtains:

Curtain types are not only categorized on the basis of the material used or design printed, etc. but they are also based on the type of top arrangement used to hang the curtain. The most popular arrangement is a Ring Shaped top structure. It is basically a long cylindrical rod to which the curtain is hung through circular loops attached on the top of the curtain.

11. Door Window Curtains:

You can also jazz up your home decor by doing something off beat and never before seen stuff. Thus, you can go for door window curtains style, whereby your door curtain looks like a window curtain but suits your door perfectly. For instance the above image shows you how the two glasses of the door are covered by two fabric curtains just like a window curtain, although they form a door curtain when arranged together.

12. Outdoor Curtains:

You can go for outdoor curtains style if you are searching for door curtains for your outdoor shed. Outdoor Sheds can be really tricky when it comes to its designing and setup. Therefore it is the best suggestion to go for an outdoor style curtains for your outdoor shed.

13. Cotton Made Door Curtains:

In Asian Countries the most commonly found door curtains are cotton door curtains. This is because; firstly door curtains are rarely used in Asian Countries. And Secondly whenever they are used, it is mostly in the summer season to obstruct sunlight and at times in winters to obstruct wind. As cotton is the best material to reflect sunlight and also has wind blocking ability, Cotton door curtains are common in Asian countries.

14. Crochet Lace Door Curtains:

Crochet is a style of knitting any thread or fabric. It is very different than the traditional knitting style. Traditional knitting involves sealing a stich only at the end of the entire knitting process while crotchet style involves sealing every single stitch. Crochet style when combined with a lace design studded on the door curtain, it gives your curtain a very unique modern look.

15. Bamboo Door Curtains:

If you want a fresh modern yet simple look for your door curtain, you can opt for a bamboo door curtain. It involves the use of bamboo threads or small sticks which are closely woven in a criss cross manner or simply a strips form to make a stylish bamboo curtain.

Thus, you have seen that curtains are extremely important for your home decor. While the normal areas which need a curtain must be properly looked after like windows, balcony, bathroom, etc., you must also give equal importance to your door curtain. You must therefore select a door curtain as per your preference matching the style options available. For instance, if you want a modern yet simple look, you can go for a bamboo door curtain while if you want a customized design on your curtain, you can go for a Painted Door curtain.