Les Classiques de Mily | Colored Stick-On Eyeliner Strips

Les Classiques de Mily | Colored Stick-On Eyeliner Strips

It’s a joyful moment for beauty enthusiasts as finally the days in which you wobbled the eyeliner across the eyelid to reveal a not-so-flattering result, are over. This is great news in particular for eyeliner newbies, who have yet to master the art of steady lining the lash line to define the eyes to perfection as finally instant eyeliners have made it to the beauty scene.

Creating a perfectly symmetric line on both eyelids can be a challenge even for the pros, so no wonder that makeup artist Mily Serebrenik decided to transpose all of her ideas into reality and create the Mily Make up brand which unveiled an innovative method of getting perfectly defined eyes using ‘eye flashes’. The latest addition to the brand is Les Classiques de Mily colored stick-on eyeliner strips, which provide beauty enthusiasts with a professional, always flawless eyeliner style that captures attention, without any fuss. Just peel off and stick on your eyelid for instant results that last.

Les Classiques de Mily | Colored Stick-On Eyeliner Strips

You can now stop worrying about symmetry, smudging and dealing with makeup removal products that irritate the eyes as the Mily strips are hypo-allergenic, water resistant, adjustable and most importantly reusable. Press them on and peel them off! It’s as easy as that, so browse through the new colored collection of ‘eye flashes’ and get ready to make heads turn this summer as the pack features 4 eyeliner styles featuring 6 oh-so-trendy colors. You’ll find 2 pairs of each style in the following:







The brand also features eye flashes in simple black as well as statement eyeliner strips that can make you look like a true diva, so check them out and find out which styles suit your personality and eye shape best as they are all fabulous!

Les Classiques de Mily | Colored Stick-On Eyeliner Strips

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