9 Best and Safety Office Lockers Design Ideas

9 Best and Safety Office Lockers Design Ideas

For any office apart from proper infrastructure and interiors, locker hold an inevitable and important furniture as all the important documents of the office can be stored. The lockers ensure complete security of the valuables from any theft or pilferage. The lockers are available in metals, plastic or wood and steel also and are resistant to any chemicals, bacteria as well metal lockers are resistant from fire also.

Latest and Protective Lockers for Office Staff in Safety:

Let’s have a glance at top 9 different types of lockers which can be useful for office use:

1. Electronic Office Safes:

office lockers

These types of lockers or safes has all type of new technology feature ensuring safety and are even pry resistant. To open these types of safes special codes are required so anyone cannot open these lockers. As technology has advent safes are secured by thump print so only the person who is responsible can open the safe. That’s the reason these safes are useful in office for keeping valuable documents and currencies also.

2. Office Lockers for Employees:

Office Lockers for Employees

Here the multiple lockers in a cabinet form for the employees of the office. Due to safety purpose many office doesn’t permit or allow employees to carry personal belongings. So these lockers are used to store or keep the employees valuables.

3. Metal Movable Lockers:

Metal Movable Lockers

The locker is built of hardy aluminium metal ensuring safety of contents kept inside. This type of lockers is generally used for storing company’s valuable files or other documents. The locker has durable power coated finish and even resists marring and chipping. It has small rollers which move 360 degrees enabling easy movement inside the office.

4. Durable Small Office Lockers:

Durable Small Office Lockers

Small office or professionals who run their own office requires small lockers for storing important documents. This type of small sturdy, durable lockers is an ideal one as it can be kept in small place. The locker is available in many sizes and colours and you can fetch a one according to usage.

5. Vertical Storage Lockers:

Vertical Storage Lockers

This is the four tier durable well welded steel lockers designed in vertical format. The doors have vented holes for proper air circulation. As locker has vertical structure it can be placed or kept in a small place and all the important documents can be stored in it.

6. Cool Modular Metal Office Lockers:

Cool Modular Metal Office Lockers

The modular locker matches with the interiors of other office storage, thus the locker doesn’t standout or look differently in the office. The locker is made of sturdy steel and has many lockable mechanisms ensuring safety of belongings kept inside. The unit have an awesome sitting arrangements enabling easy access of low locker units.

7. Cabinets Key Less Lockers:

Cabinets Keyless Lockers

These types of key less lockers are the latest and popular choice for offices which have challenging atmosphere.  The cabinet lockers have key less access you just need to type four digit code, it’s locked and you can go. As generally a locker has keys and locks which might get broken but now you go key less and ensure safety.

8. Wooden Office Lockers:

Wooden Office Lockers

The locker is made of sturdy, durable and natural fibre wood and has a shinning and appealing appearance. The locker has trusted locking systems with steel rust proof handles for opening the locker easily.

9. Plastic Office Lockers:

Plastic Office Lockers

The lockers are designed from high grade plastic material and have high mechanized locking system ensuring safety of valuables. The lockers are pretty cost effective and are available in much cool colour combination.

The lockers are designed with fantastic feature, colours and its available in many size and tiers and with high security levels and you can choose the one according to office use and infrastructure.

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