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Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

While a lot of celebrities try to open their own restaurants, few make it past the one year mark. Since the restaurant business can be as fickle as fashion, not even big names like Britney Spears (Nyla) and Jennifer Lopez (Madre’s) are guaranteed long term success.

Check out a few celebrities who own restaurants that are actually profitable, and find out more about their establishments from all over the US and even from Dubai.

Paul, Donnie and Mark Wahlberg – Wahlburgers

Located in Boston, Wahlburgers doesn’t get the best Yelp reviews, but few establishments have their own reality show. The gourmet burger restaurant run by chef Paul Wahlberg wouldn’t have been possible without brothers Donnie and Mark Wahlberg investing in it. 

Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

The TV exposure certainly helped Wahlburgers, since the brothers are opening another venue in Boston and even expanding to Canada.

Jay Z – 40/40

Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

Mixing the concept of a high-end sports bar with a nightclub and a restaurant, Jay Z became one of the most successful celebrities who own restaurants with 40/40. The New York establishment isn’t exactly known for 5 star cuisine, but it’s certainly a profitable hot spot. The menu includes everything from Buffalo wings to turkey sliders and other sports bar cuisine staples.

Ryan Gosling – Tagine

Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

Few celebrities who own restaurants manage to find long-term success in Beverly Hills, but Ryan Gosling seems to have pulled it off with Tagine, a restaurant that serves modern Moroccan cuisine. Going for a warm and inviting atmosphere, complete with a jazz soundtrack and candles, the establishment continues to be a hit.

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Justin Timberlake – Destino and Southern Hospitality

Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

Proving that making it in Los Angeles in the restaurant business is very difficult, Justin Timberlake failed with Chi, his first try, in West Hollywood. However, the singer has two successful restaurants in New York, one focused on Southern food and one catering to lovers of Italian food.

Peyton Manning – Papa John’s

Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

More and more celebrities who own restaurants get into the franchise business, but few have been as successful as Peyton Manning. The Denver Broncos quarterback bought 21 Papa John’s franchises in the Denver area and introduced special discounts based on his team’s results. Sales went up and Manning turned a profit much easier that by investing in his own restaurant concept.

Ashton Kutcher – Dolce Enoteca e Ristorante and Ketchup

Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

After investing in The Dolce Group, Ashton Kutcher had a part in opening many restaurants, including Dolce Enoteca e Ristorante in Atlanta and Geisha House. The newest restaurant opened by the group is in Dubai. Called “Ketchup”, the diner delivers on upscale American cuisine for both tourists and locals.

Bon Jovi – Soul Kitchen

Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

Unlike most celebrities who own restaurants, Bon Jovi set up a non-profit eatery in New Jersey. Opened in 2020, Soul Kitchen is a “pay what you can” establishment, where diners can either make donations or volunteer in order to pay for their meals. With its own vegetable garden, Soul Kitchen delivers on the quality of food, and it doesn’t lag behind regular restaurants in the decor department either.

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Robert De Niro – Nobu

Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

One of the most successful restaurants owned by celebrities, New York’s Nobu has been on the map since 1994, when Robert De Niro partnered up with chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa. Located in Tribeca and serving modern Japanese cuisine, Nobu has even been awarded a Michelin star, a very rare honor for celebrity owned restaurants.

Michael Jordan – Steak House

Celebrities Who Own Restaurants

Michael Jordan’s The Steak House N.Y.C. has been around since 1998 and earned praise from many food critics. When it comes to celebrities who own restaurants, Michael Jordan’s New York establishment truly delivers.

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