9 Latest Bathroom Tap Designs With Pictures In 2020

Taps are no more a mere accessory in the bathroom that provides finishing touch. In modern times, there are a variety of bathroom tap designs are available in the market and each one has a special design and functional features to meet the user’s needs. Taps should always be chosen in accordance with the mood of the bathroom and the installation space.

Best Bathroom Tap Designs In India:

Here are our 9 simple and modern bathroom tap designs with images. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Deck Mounted Bathroom Tap Design:

bathroom taps

This design is one of the latest versions of a deck mount where the tap comes out from the base of the platform instead of being drilled from the washbasin. The faucet angles the flow of water instead of a 90-degree fall that most taps give. The unique spout is one of the attractive points of this design.

2. Mixer Bathroom Tap Design:

A Mixer Faucet

Hot water supply in the washbasin is not of the basic requirements in today’s time. This stylish steel finish mixer tap is ideal for any kind of bathroom. The design is unique and shall remain in trend even after several years. This is the best bathroom taps idea.

3. Automatic Bathroom Tap Design:

The Automatic Tap

Sensor taps are very cool and elegant. Installation of this deck mount sensor tap can be one of the wisest decisions for a classy look. However, there is often a chance that more water is spent than required, leading to quiet wastage of water in this system. So check settings to minimise water wastage while planning to go for this modern tech tap.

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4. Twin Handle Mixer Bathroom Tap Design:

Twin Handle Mixer Tap

One of the most sought for design in taps industry is this deck mount tap with twin handles. This mixer tap needs three holes, one for the faucet and two for handles. These taps mix hot and cold water right before it leaves the spout and reduces the risk of washing with too hot or cold temperatures.

5. Single Handle Bathroom Tap Design:

Single Handle Mixer Tap

This design is the most common and simple form of mixer taps which is found in all the homes. Turning the handle towards the hot or cold side adjusts the water temperature here. It is easy to manage and install. However, setting the right angle is the only talent you need to operate this tap conveniently.

6. Gold Bathroom Tap Design:

Sleek Gold Faucet

For rounded and bowl-like the structure of washbasins, this tap is ideal to get water from the desired height. The gold finish gives a very stylish and trendy look. This piece is also sensor operational, which adds to its attractiveness and makes it love at first sight tap.

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7. LED Bathroom Tap Designs:

Taps with LED Light

LED lights have created a new sensation in the market with attractive design and performance. Here is a tap which has LED lights installed. The sensor not only controls the flow of water but while you are washing, the lights tend to glow at the hands giving a superb experience to the user.

8. Wall Mounted Bathroom Tap Design:

Wall Mounted Tap

If you want to go for something new, try this wall-mounted tap design for washbasins. It has a mixer option and is extremely easy to manage. The only problem here is that the pipelines lie under the wall, which will go through some serious damage in case of a faulty line.

9. Tall Bathroom Tap Design:

Tall Mixer Tap

This tap has a unique slender design and the hot and cold connections are separated by the size of the handle instead of the ongoing red and blue colour marks. Ease of use and maintenance make it an attractive choice in all kinds of bathrooms.

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Irrespective of the choice, always go for unique style bathroom tap designs and which shall remain forever new and appealing.