Is Corn Flakes good during Pregnancy

Hormones make you feel as lethargic as it gets, which is just why you never feel like doing anything but lie down when you’re pregnant. You need enhanced amount of all your nutrients and enzymes, to meet the requirements of your body which is harbouring your baby as well.

You wouldn’t want to harm his development which is why you gulped down a bowl full of cornflakes and now you’re worried about how you heard cereals have umpteen reasons to lead to miscarriage(I). This article will help you uncover the truth of it all.

corn flakes during pregnancy

♦ Health Benefits Of Eating Corn Flakes During Pregnancy:

Why do you think people tend to have cornflakes during the early hours of the morning? That is because they are rich in complex carbohydrates, which help in keeping you energized and active all day.

The other health benefits include fiber- dietary fiber mostly, that helps reduce blood pressure and thus keep your problems of constipation at bay. A bowl of cornflakes is all you need- nothing more , nothing less, to reduce the risks of preeclampsia, which is usually led on by a high blood pressure and maybe fatal for both the mother and the baby in the developmental stage.

Corn flakes also keep your stomach fuller by the day owing to its rich content of bulk, thus allowing you to keep your health in check.

♦ Negative Effects of Cornflakes in Pregnancy:

There isn’t all rainbows and butterflies to having nothing but cornflakes during pregnancy. Despite its benefits, there are certain disadvantages to it as well

1. The corn flakes that we usually buy from the mall and market are rich in sugar, salt and fat owing to its added supplements and may prove to be harmful if taken in excess.

2. You body’s ability to absorb all the good minerals like zinc and iron is at stake when you consume a lot of cornflakes, since it has high bran content, which leads to flatulence and bloating, thus making you full and leaving no space for other foodstuff. This might also cause abdominal ache and intestinal gas.

3. Your blood and tissues are acidified owing to the grains in the cornflakes. So make sure you sieve it first and then add it to your milk.

4. There is a chance of giving your irritable bowel syndrome an aggravation if you have cornflakes beyond the amount suggested by your doctor.

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♦ Tips:

1. If you have always found it hard to eliminate cornflakes from your early morning routine, incorporate them in your diet, but ensure it is kept in moderation.
2. Stay away from artificially flavored corns or even ones that contain added sweeteners.
3. Keep adding natural sweeteners like honey, and nuts or strawberries to make your corn taste better.
4. Reserve a trip to the doctor to talk about your cravings and food habits in case you decide to incorporate a change in it.
5. Make sure the timings for having cornflakes is the same as it used to be, that is for breakfast.
6. Add warm milk to the cornflakes always, as it may be extra dry without it and make you feel nauseated even more.

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So, to end with, as long as you keep a diet balanced and never skip that breakfast for the sake of preventing morning sickness and vomiting, you are good to go. Enjoy a proper diet and you will be rewarded with an uncomplicated and safe pregnancy.