9 Latest Glass Door Designs With Pictures In 2020

Wood has been the common element used in the making of doors, be it interior or exterior. Glass was primarily used in the making of doors for commercial buildings like offices, hospitals etc. But with the advent of modern designing in the field of interior designing and architecture glass has become a very common element in the making of doors. Glass is an elegant material. It has a sophisticated and clean appearance which is why the usage of glass has increased in the making of doors, over the years. Here is a list of top nine glass door designs with images.

Best Glass Door Designs In India:

Here we enlisted 9 simple and modern glass door designs in different models. Let’s have a look into them.

1. Scribble GlassDoor Design:

glass door designs

This is the epitome of modernity in the field of designing. This frosty glass door with random irregular design gives an abstract touch. The metal framework totally complements the design. A lover of abstract art would definitely fall in love with this design.

2. Double Glass Door Designs:

door 2

This double door design is perfect for household interior doors as well as doors used in offices, hospitals and other commercial places. The framework is made of wood. the frost glass panels constitute the main door material, with natural leaf designs and silver door handles and lock system.

3. Abstract Sliding Glass Door Design:

door 3

This is a modern sliding door design, absolutely frameless, with abstract yellow designs. The sharply pointed door handle adds up to the abstractness of the design.

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4. Interior Glass Door Design:

door 4

This is an elegant, abstract, eye-catching yet simple interior glass door design. The simplicity of the design mixed with the genius of the designer makes it a highly recommendable door for a modern house.

5. Modern Glass Door Designs:

door 5

The experience of glass door has been taken a step further by sliding glass door designs. They can be used to act as a partition between a living room and a lawn outside, or any other sort of a room and an exterior area, like the lawn, pool, lake etc.

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6. Double Sliding Frost Glass In Doors:

door 6

This is a modern double sliding door used for both residential and commercial purpose. This double sliding door can be used a room divider, a close door etc. The frosted look adds a bit of privacy too.

7. Canvas Door and Glass:

door 7

What a beautiful piece of design. It is a stunning and colourful design. The fat glass technology makes it durable and the lock system is sturdy as well. The glass is truly a work of art for anybody that love colours. Not only is it a beautiful design but it’s high on utility as well, which makes it a must mention in the top nine list. The high-quality materials and the translucent appearance keep the privacy factor intact too.

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8. Beautiful Glass Door Designs:

door 8

If there are sturdy door designs for the males, why miss out something that is best suited for the ladies in the house. This interior glass door design is designed with pink swirly designs which are simple yet elegant. The pink clamps and lock add up to the feminine quality of the door design. The translucent material keeps the privacy factor intact as well.

9. Swivelling Glass and Door:

door 9

With the axis in the middle, the door rotates freely allowing people to enter from both sides of the doors. Mainly used for interior and residential use it can also be used for commercial and exterior use. The entry facility from both sides might help to handle rush during a house party. This simple yet elegant swivel door is made out of transparent design with a black framework gives it an elegant look especially due to the contrast caused by the white background.

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We hope these best glass door designs will help you to select for your home. If any doubts regarding glass door designs, comment us below.

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