9 Modern and Best U Shaped Kitchen Designs with Images

For a primary cook, U shaped kitchens can be very effective. They require primarily a larger space for kitchen for storage and functionality and three adjacent walls. You can do your cooking along with storing food items, cleaning and conversing with people coming to your kitchen in a well-designed U shaped kitchen. While doing so, the work triangle for the kitchen must not be forgotten.

Latest and Beautiful U Shaped Kitchen Designs for Small Kitchens:

Let’s see 9 such U shaped kitchen designs to help you with your choices and dilemmas for your kitchen.

1. Minimalist White Decor U Shaped Kitchen:

Minimalist White Decor U Shaped Kitchen

This small U shaped kitchen design is a treat for the eyes with its soothing white colour decor. The design is minimal and not clumsy. The crisp white cabinets look elegant in style. The lighting is beautiful and ample enough; overall making this design good enough for both large spaces and small kitchen spaces.

2. French Designed U Shaped Kitchen Idea:

French Designed U Shaped Kitchen

This U shaped kitchen design is a striking example of elegance and style. The interior decor uses white color beautifully. Natural light flows to the room through the windows and the overall look gives the room contemporary French finish. Isn’t it a perfect area to cook and enjoy?

3. All Grey U Shaped Kitchen:

All grey U Shaped Kitchen

Grey is a chic and classy color when chosen for interior design. Grey being the primary color in this U shaped modular kitchen makes it look stylish. The color scheme is enchanting and the room makes perfect use of the work triangle concept. There are chairs for onlookers too. The wooden floors and brick wall gives the kitchen a slight contemporary touch. So you can definitely steal this idea for your kitchen.

4. Black and White Style U Shaped Kitchen:

Black and White Style U Shaped Kitchen

Black and white combination never fails to surprise in decor designs. This uber stylish U shaped kitchen design is not like the traditional kitchens, for it’s a perfect blend of style and modern design. The kitchen space is functional and pleasing. This design can be considered if you want a sophisticated and stylish look.

5. Open Concept U Shaped Kitchen:

Open Concept U Shaped Kitchen

If you want a spacious kitchen space, this idea might be suitable for you as it maximizes the available space. This U shaped kitchen layout is not just spacious but airy and properly ventilated as well. This mid-sized kitchen has sheer white cabinets and marble counter tops.

6. Vancouver U Shaped Kitchen:

Vancouver U Shaped Kitchen

This U shaped kitchen idea works well for both small and large kitchen space. There are dark gray cabinets and the design is simple. Natural light accentuates the kitchen’s decor; overall the kitchen has made the best use of the kitchen space.

7. Concrete U Shaped Kitchen:

Concrete U Shaped Kitchen

The work triangle i.e. kitchen stove to sink to refrigerator concept is maintained here. The marble counter tops, white cabinets, stainless steel refrigerator and steel chairs give this U shaped modular kitchen an ultra-modern look. All the appliances leave a great impression.

8. Retro U Shaped Kitchen:

Retro U Shaped Kitchen

A large window is strategically located in this U shaped kitchen for light to enter and for proper ventilation. The vibrant colors used in this kitchen, like bright red walls, light brown cabinets and wooden flooring is a treat for the onlookers. Inspired by the retro style, a modern look for kitchen can be achieved.

9. Cobalt Blue U Shaped Kitchen:

Cobalt Blue U Shaped Kitchen

This uber stylish and modern U shaped kitchen design looks appealing. The kitchen has noticeably beautiful royal blue wall. The black counter top and white cabinetry along with stainless steel refrigerator gives certain elegance to the kitchen. Sufficient natural light along with other lights in the room are sufficient.

U shaped kitchen designs arrangement has two parallel walls perpendicular to the third wall, all three being adjoining to each other. With ample space to work, the cook can pivot to the work triangle. Thus it’s convenient for the cook to work in the kitchen.

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