Top 15 Pineapple Benefits For Health

Pineapple is a delicacy and a tropical fruit which every household would love to have as a snack or in a fruit bowl. There are plenty of benefits when a pineapple is had, and the quality of life can be improved upon as well, gorging on the fruit too. Here are the best reasons why you should have a pineapple, please read on and be well informed for the same.

Pineapple Benefits

Prickly Yet Tasty:

Just because the outer covering looks hostile, it doesn’t mean that the humble yet daring looking pineapple has no wonders to provide the human body with. Research and studies by famous colleges and clinics across the globe have shown that the fruit can deliver plenty of healthy benefits to the human body and mind. It is said that the pineapple is one such fruit which can be even had thrice a day, and yet the body would be fit.

Pineapple Benefits And Uses:

Sweet and juicy pineapple chunks are delicious to eat but did you know the amount of vitamins and nutrients contained within this delicious fruit. Let us take a look at some of the health benefits of pineapple.

1. Vitamin C:

When the body has low amounts of vitamin C in it, pineapples come to the rescue. According to many online sources, a cup of the fruit had daily would give the body enough of vitamins to last a whole day. Vitamin C has a lot of value, and it protects the body and helps it fight against, flu, cough, cold and many other skin related issues too. The juice of the fruit especially would bring in all the vitamins needed, or if you please the paste converted into marmalade with honey can make the best breakfast every morning. Vitamin C creates collagen in the body and it’s an antioxidant therefore wounds are healed more quickly. Also skin’s elasticity improves so it looks younger and wrinkles are reduced.

2. Fat And Cholesterol Free:

You dont have to worry about saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol levels in the body when eating a pineapple, since the fruit has very low amounts of it, which can do no harm. Pineapples are famous for the large amounts of vitamin B6 in them, along with dietary fibre, manganese, copper and thiamine too. This makes it perfect for the body, since the body would need all the minerals and vitamins in the fruit for normal functioning. The fruit also has enough of natural sugars, which means when you eat the fruit, you feel full and wouldn’t have sugar cravings too. This ensures a healthy heart. The antioxidants also ensure that cholesterol levels in the body are reduced.

3. Anti Inflammatory:

Pineapple is known to bring down pains, aches and inflammation too, which is why it is widely used across the world to heal sinuses, colds, coughs, sore throats and swelling as well. Even the dreaded arthritic flare up would be done away with nicks, cuts and wounds too would be healed with the paste of a pineapple, say experts. Pineapple has a rare enzyme called Bromelain which reduces serious inflammations.

4. For Weight Loss:

Pineapples are very low in calories and can help with weight loss too. Apart from that, the fruit has plenty of dietary fibre which keeps you full, hence saves you from hunger pangs and overeating pangs as well. The fats and proteins in the fruit are negligible; hence there isn’t anything to worry about, say experts. So if you crave to eat something sweet, consume a cup of pineapple as the best healthy snacking option. The fruit is fat free and contains manganese which helps with fat metabolism, Also, the fibre in pineapples aids in digestions and can contribute to weight loss.

5. Skin And Hair:

One wouldn’t have to spend a bomb on hair and skin care anymore, not when the humble pineapple paste made fresh can be used. It has plenty of vitamins in it which would keep the skin happy and the hair happier too. The skin of a pineapple can be placed on the affected zones for a while, so that healing of acne can happen. The paste of the pineapple can be applied directly to the hair which would make the dirt and build-up go away too, say experts. The vitamin C in the fruit helps the skin retain its moisture and elasticity and prevents hair fall whilst the enzymes work to thicken your lustrous locks.

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6. Energiser:

As an energizer, the humble pineapple would be best to have as juice before workout or before starting a long day at work, say experts. This is because it has all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and essential minerals in it which would keep the body energised and for a long time. The thiamin and vitamin B level are high in pineapple therefore great as an energiser.

7. Used In Bakery Items:

There are syrups made from pineapple to be used as toppings for cakes, desserts and pancakes or ice creams too. This would be a healthy way to keep your waist in check and to have all the natural sweetness you want, added to the goodness of snacks as well.

8. Kids Lunch:

For kids especially, slices of pineapple as lunch treats could be served. Kids love finger food and they love it sweet too. So why give them something made of artificial sugars which can harm their body more, when the humble pineapple brings in the sweetness their bodies need.

9. Healthy Breakfast:

The best breakfast option is using chunks of pineapple with cereals, say sources. This is especially for those who know the day would be long and that they would have to bring in the entire boost for their immune system and energy too.

10. Good For Bones:

Whilst the calcium content in pineapple is quite low, it is rich in manganese. This is a trace mineral which is the most significant in the fruit and plays a vital role in the growth, repair and strengthening of bones and tissue. With one serving of pineapple daily you will get more than 70% of the daily recommended manganese in your body.

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11. Digestion:

Pineapple contains soluble fibre and insoluble fire. This helps in the body’s digestive system. The vitamin C, bromelain and the fibres activate gastric juices which dissolve food, this all contributes to helping with the relief of constipation and diarrhea as well as the pain and inflammation caused by irritable bowel syndrome.

12. Macular Degeneration:

As we age, our eyesight deteriorates, this is known as macular degeneration. The beta carotene which is present in pineapple decreases the rate of deterioration and helps with maintaining the eye’s health and vision.

13. Fights Cancer:

Pineapples are packed full of antioxidants vitamin C and A, rich in manganese and other vitamins which fight the free radicals associated with cancer. The anti-inflammatory properties are known to reduce tumours, the high fibre content fights colorectal cancer and the beta carotene is known to fight prostate cancer.

14. Blood Pressure:

Pineapples are rich in potassium which is important for our body to function properly. The high levels of potassium and the low sodium content actually helps in reducing and controlling blood pressure. The potassium improves blood circulation and as a result preventing the risk of blocked arteries and heart attacks and strokes.

15. Boosts Immune System:

Pineapple has a huge amount of Vitamin C, in fact more than 130% of what is needed daily. As a result this boosts the immune system. White blood cells are activated by the Vitamin C and act as antioxidants to prevent dangerous free radicals from entering the body and causing serious illnesses like cancer and organ damage.

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Check Online For Recipes Of Pineapple:

The internet is flooded with recipes that have pineapple in them. One doesn’t need to eat or drink the fruit only; they can add the chunks to many recipes and dishes for extra goodness too. The meals would get healthier and the fruit can be added to meats, salads and even veggies as well.

If you have any of your own recipes for pineapples, do let us know. Sharing is caring and we would like to share the wonderful recipes with our readers too. Do also let us know how pineapples have helped you, maybe your tips and health benefits could help many who have little or no information on what the fruit can do for them.

These were the best and main advantages why we love pineapple.Consuming pineapples is a delicious ways to enjoy the benefits of the taste of the fruit and reap the health benefits. However, it is important to remember that pineapples are used to tenderise meat and as a result eating too much at once may cause a strange sensation in your mouth and tongue. Therefore it should be eaten in moderation.

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