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9 Stunning and Captivating Pleated Curtain Designs

Pleated curtains are having double and triple pleats. These pleats look stunning and captivating on top of rod. Some curtains are garnished with creative pleats that it looks matchless. Seeing delightful pleats you will never choose simple curtains. You can even embellished pleated curtains with lace work and border. Be it small or big window, pleated curtains will bright it up.

Latest and Beautiful Designs of Pleated Curtains for Home:

Get this top 9 pleated curtains which you will surely like for your home,

1. Lined Pleat Curtain:

It is pencil pleat curtain having light designs. The upper valance is having dark shade fabric frills affixed over it. The colour of curtain is matching well with wall colour. One part of curtain is tied up with broad belt and even cushion cover is matching. This curtain can give a rich look to your home, get this curtain which is also in your budget.

2. Glassy Pleat Curtain:

This pinch pleat curtain is in white transparent fabric. The pinch on top of curtain is very nice. Pure white curtain on white window is looking so gorgeous. This linen fabric curtain demands a lot of care and attention in maintaining it. Try this pattern to make a good look for your home.

3. Simple Pleat Curtain:

This grey pencil pleat curtain is fully plain and straightforward. Its unadorned look makes it different from the rest. The top of curtain is having very minutes pleats with no gap. Four pipes like pattern are appearing on this curtain. This looks simple but can catch the attention sure.

4. Hypnotising Pleat Curtain:

It is triple pleat curtain having hypnotising quality. The design of curtain is eye-catchy. The white curtain is having green vertical medium size linings on it. When anyone sees it, one will stay absent-minded. It is also called white and green striped curtain.

5. Elegant Pleat Curtain:

It is pleated sheer curtain having elegant look. This white lucid curtain contains white and pink colour embroidery work which is simply awesome. The pleated portion of curtain is having white lace fabric affixed which is again hanged with hook.

6. Fern Leaves Pleat Curtain:

It is white pencil pleat curtain possessing artistic print. This thick curtain is having fern leaves print. On top there is small size light print of leaf and gradually it gets bigger in size. From middle of curtain it gets big and darker.

7. Outlay Pleat Curtain:

The outlay is having French pleat curtain. Inside there is plain white curtain. Over which there is brown colour silk curtain in two parts. Both these parts are tied up with rubber. On top one extra fabric attached having which lace border on it.

8. Cartoon Cloud Pleat Curtain:

It is lovely double pleat curtain in polyester fabric. The curtain is having white coloured cloud design depicting airy look. Behind this polyester curtain there is transparent curtain having same colour and print. It is giving charming appearance.

9. Valance Pleat Curtain:

It is double pinch pleat curtain that is appearing so attractive. In middle there is white lace curtain with floral print. On outlay there is dark curtain which is plain. The combination of white and dark colour curtain with pleated work is looking marvellous.

Pleated curtains look very impressive and efficient. There are so many colour varieties in pleat curtain which is beneficial for you to select from. You can choose from these curtains depending upon your wall and furniture matching.

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