How to Choose the Right Makeup Mirror

How to Choose the Right Makeup Mirror

Getting your makeup just right depends on the products you choose, but also on the way you apply them and evaluate your overall look. Even if you opt for a wall-mounted makeup mirror, you’ll still need a smaller one with the right magnifying power. Find out how to choose the best makeup mirrors.

Choosing the Right Makeup Mirror

When price is a big factor in your choice, avoid mirrors that are very ornate, but keep in mind that the right magnification is a key factor to perfecting your makeup routine.

Most common mirrors offer a 5x magnifying power, but if you have small pores, you should opt for more, up to 10x or even 12x to be perfectly satisfied with the final look of your makeup. Using a high power magnifying mirror also helps you spot blemishes early and can help you a lot when you tweeze your eyebrows.

The right light is also very important. You can find plenty of great makeup mirrors that need electrical power and even battery powered ones that don’t keep you restricted to the placement of sockets in your home or in hotel rooms if you plan on taking your makeup mirror along on any trip.

How to Choose the Right Makeup Mirror

Best Makeup Mirrors – Swivel

While you can use a wall mounted mirror and a smaller simple mirror for magnifying, you can get the full package with a swivel mirror. Providing excellent 8x magnifying power, the Zadro Two Sided Vanity Swivel Mirror is a great option for a two sided vanity mirror that helps you perfect your makeup in no time.

Best Makeup Mirrors – Lighted

Forget the classic mirror surrounded by light bulbs that can make you start sweating your makeup off before you even finish it. Go for a modern makeup mirror with LED lighting without any heat.

The Zadro Dual sided LED Vanity mirror mirror is a classic swivel but features lighted 1X & 10X magnification, for a brighter, clearer view. The vanity mirror lights up with energy-saving LED bulbs that illuminate your entire face, allowing you to finish your makeup perfectly and use tweezers with maximum precision.

How to Choose the Right Makeup Mirror How to Choose the Right Makeup Mirror

Best Makeup Mirrors – Decorative

If you want a makeup mirror for a star, try the Tweezerman Luxe Edition Crystal Standing Vanity Mirror. This optically correct 10X/1x magnifying mirror is clear from edge-to-edge with no distortion. Embellished with Crystallized Swarovski Elements, this makeup mirror can provide the powerful magnifying power you need to get your makeup finished perfectly.

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