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9 Stylish and Comfortable Bathroom Toilet Designs

With style and luxury in the entire bathroom, one thing that should always been chosen for comfort is the bathroom toilet. The secondary determining factor is the installation space. The entire range of sanitary ware should be chosen in accordance with mood of the space and should also complement each other for an overall synchronised look to the bathroom. With the umpteen choices it becomes really difficult to boil down to a style that will be perfect.

Latest and Best Designs of Bathroom Toilet ideas with Images:

So to simplify, let we have a few modern bathroom toilet designs which are impressive and elegant.

1. Wall Mounted Rounded Edges Toilet:

bathroom toilet

This is a perfectly modern toilet design with wall built flush tank and a wall hung toilet for space optimisation. The design is unique with a square that has rounded edges. Being off the floor, it makes maintenance and cleaning an east job.

2. A Typical Two Piece Toilet:

A Typical Two Piece Toilet

Two piece toilets had been the first ones in use when western style toilets were introduced. These have come a long way with several technical changes and are suitable for spacious bathrooms. Depending on the designs, there are economical, easy to use and maintain.

3. White One Piece Toilet:

White One Piece Toilet

One piece toilets are a slight variant of two piece toilets where the flush tank and seat are attached to each other instead of being connected with a pipe. These occupy quiet a space and are meant for sizable bathrooms.

4. The Round Wall Hung Toilet:

The Round Wall Hung Toilet

Oval/Round shaped toilets are an all time classic and come in several basic shades to suit the interiors of the bathroom. Here is a white wall hung round toilet which has dual flush system with the flush tank built in the wall.

5. Small and Smart:

Small and Smart

The look that this toilet is giving is nothing less than magical in this huge bathroom. The smart square design is very unique and occupies very less space. Flush tank being built in the wall, the space appears larger.

6. Elongated Bowl Toilet:

Elongated Bowl Toilet6

Elongated Bowls is toilets are found very rarely. It is beneficial for adults and kids as they need more space for their business which can sometimes be messy. Elongated toilets are easy to clean and a suitable design for spaces which lack breadth. While installation, the front space calculation should be done wisely with elongated bowls.

7. Toilets with Contrasting Lids:

Toilets with Contrasting Lids

Most of us must have seen a toilet with same colour seats and lids, however there are designs that have contrasting lids and covers or both. Here is a smart toilet with black lid and seat that blends in perfectly with the interiors of the toilet. There also are toilets that are entirely in a different colour which can be used according to the need.

8. A Broad Oval Toilet:

A Broad Oval Toilet

Broad and Oval toilets are elegant and comfortable. These occupy very less space and are thus an ideal choice for small bathrooms. These can be wall hung or on foot and have several options for flush tanks too. Very recently, colour options have also been introduced to the range.

9. Trapezium Shaped Single Piece Toilet:

Modern bathroom in home

This unique and rare design is an ultimate choice for any kind of bathroom. The bowl is ideal for kids and adults with the narrowness at the front. Their cost effectiveness is one among the several factors that make it an ideal option.

Instead of moving at a faster pace with bad choices, it is always advisable to be slow and steady. Take your time to choose the right accessory keeping in mind the people and location of use to add on to the beauty of the bathroom.

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