10 Signs Divorce Is Imminent

10 Signs Divorce Is Imminent

Couples counseling can help out in a lot of ways when you’re struggling with your marriage, but sometimes things are beyond fixing. Find out how to spot the red flags that prove you’d be better off by ending the marriage.

Check out the most obvious signs divorce is imminent, and start preparing for it. Some of these issues can be solved with a lot of work if you’re both on the same page, but when you’re struggling with a few of them, the logical conclusion is that you’d both be happier apart.

1. You Fantasize About Leaving Him

Trust yourself when it comes to the future of your relationship. If you spend time fantasizing about being single again or just getting away from him, there’s a fundamental problem in your relationship. You might be able to solve your marital problems through couples therapy, but it’s definitely not a good sign.

2. The Negatives Outweigh the Positives

When you have more negative interactions with your husband than positive ones, that’s one of the biggest signs divorce is imminent. If your marriage ends up hurting you more than making you feel fulfilled and content, there’s definitely a big problem. Unless you take some drastic action to fix this issue, your marriage is doomed.

3. You Don’t Care About Hurting Each Other Anymore

Once respect is gone, spouses tend to become more and more verbally aggressive with each other. Even if that isn’t an issue, acting like you don’t care about his feelings is definitely one of the signs that the relationship is over. Once things get toxic, your best option is to get out. When rejection and aggressive behavior becomes the norm, end it.

4. Intimacy Is All But Gone

Emotional detachment is one of the signs divorce is imminent, and once you feel that you no longer have an intimate connection with your husband, you’re in very dangerous territory. When you turn to other people, friends or family for your emotional needs, and you stop confiding in your spouse, that’s a huge deal.

5. You Feel Like You’re Fighting to Keep Him

There’s no way to keep a marriage afloat when only one of you is interested in its future. When you’re more invested in the relationship than you’re partner, and you feel that you’re constantly sacrificing, while he won’t compromise at all, that’s a huge problem. If one of you has shut down any attempts to fix the issues, divorce is coming.

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6. Your Sex Life Has Crumbled

One of the biggest signs divorce is imminent is the fact that your sex life goes from regular to almost non-existent. When your sex life takes a big drop without a good reason, like having a baby or medical issues, the intimacy suffers and your connection will fade away. If you’ve both entered the marriage excited about sex and that just goes away, it’s a huge problem.

7. You Find All His Quirks Unbearable

When the small things you used to love about your husband become the things that you hate most, there’s a huge problem in your marriage. If you just don’t have the energy to put up with his quirks anymore, that’s one of the biggest signs that things are heading south.

8. You Start Looking for Someone New

Even if you’re committed to being faithful to your husband, starting emotional affairs or regularly daydreaming about a new guy is a big problem, and one of the signs divorce is imminent. However, you should never compare your partner to other guys to his face. That’s definitely a toxic element in any relationship.

9. You’re Having the Same Fight Again and Again

Improving your communication skills can help you solve conflicts and move on for good. Without good communication, you risk getting stuck in the same conflict over and over. If you can’t move on from the same issues, a big compatibility problem might be responsible for your troubles.

10. You Don’t Want to Connect Anymore

After countless fights, some people just give up on the relationship, without any active sign that they want out. A lack of interest in maintaining a real connection is definitely one of the signs divorce is imminent. If you only talk to each other about the small details of cohabitation, you might as well admit it’s over.

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