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Romantic To-Do List for Your Honeymoon

Romantic To-Do List for Your Honeymoon

Whether you decide to go on an exciting adventure or a quiet honeymoon in a beautiful place, there are plenty of ways to create special memories with your hubby. The perfect honeymoon mixes both adventure and rest, while helping you deepen your bond.

Try some of the most romantic things to do on your honeymoon, a few activities that will really make it a special time for you both. If you want to look back on your honeymoon and know that you had the best and most romantic time, here’s what you need to plan.

1. Spend a Day in Bed

Even when you’re really excited about going out and exploring or lounging on a beach, you should just forget about time for one day and spend it in bed, cuddling and enjoying your new status as newlyweds. Order room service and just relax and live in the moment. Put your smartphones and watches away and just focus on each other.

2. Watch the Sunrise Together

A sunset can be a very romantic moment, but watching the sunrise is one of the most romantic things to do on your honeymoon because it’s not an experience you have very often. Whether you stay up after a night of clubbing or get up early to catch it, find a beautiful spot and just enjoy this special moment.

3. Get a Couples Massage

A spa session can also be romantic if you’re doing activities for couples, like enjoying a glass of champagne in a hot tub or getting a couples massage. Pamper yourselves with a nice spa activity that you can share together, and enjoy an aromatherapy massage. After it’s over, head back to your room and give each other a happy ending.

4. Explore Together

One of the most romantic things to do on your honeymoon is just to explore and experience new things together, whether you’re in a foreign country or at a resort close to home. If you want both relaxation and adventure in your honeymoon, make sure to start with the former, since you don’t want to go from the wedding frenzy to another busy schedule. Exploring new locations together can be an experience that brings you closer.

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5. Get an Adrenaline Rush

Experiencing an exciting thing together can help couples bonding. You can get the effect on a smaller scale by working out together, but when you’re on your honeymoon, it’s time to go all out. Ride a roller coaster together, try bungee jumping or snorkle together. It will get your blood pumping for later and create a wonderful memory.

6. Surprise Each Other

Another easy way to give your guy an adrenalin rush is with a surprise. Some of the most romantic things to do on your honeymoon are thoughtful surprises that show your partner how much you really care about having a wonderful experience together. Get creative and give your guy a treat when he’s not expecting it.

7. Don’t Skip the Candlelight Dinner

Even if it sounds like a huge cliché, a candlelight dinner is a perfect way to enjoy a romantic meal on your honeymoon. Choose a beautiful location, enjoy the sunset together, and then light up a few candles and relax with a three-course meal before a decadent dessert for two.

8. Repeat Your Vows

You’ve already said them once in front of your family and friends, but one of the most romantic things to do on your honeymoon is finding a secluded location and repeating your vows to each other, just the two of you. They don’t have to be the full, rehearsed ones, just speak from the heart and include the details that you might have not been comfortable sharing in front of all your loved ones.

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9. Have a Private Picnic

Another good way to spend a romantic time together is to plan a picnic where it’s just the two of you. Open up a bottle of champagne and make a toast while enjoying the beautiful scenery. If you can manage to keep it a surprise, that’s even better, but make sure that you get some of his favorite foods as well.

10. Sleep Naked

One of the most romantic things to do on your honeymoon is to keep the physical intimacy at the maximum. If you don’t usually sleep naked together, now is the time to start. Waking up with your naked body pressed against his is one of the most beautiful ways to start a new day on your honeymoon.

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