10 Worst Holiday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

10 Worst Holiday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

If your boyfriend is a great gift giver, you probably want to match him or even surprise him with the best present ever for the holidays. However, some of the most common gifts that guys get aren’t that inspired or appreciated.

Check out some of the worst holiday gifts for your boyfriend, presents that generally get forgotten right after the holidays. Remember that if he’s really excited about something and you know exactly what that is, you don’t have to avoid it, but when you have no idea what to get him, you’ll be better off avoiding these less than amazing presents.

1. Music

He probably already has everything he needs from his favorite artists, or he can buy it himself or stream it anytime. Unless you’re dating a passionate vinyl or CD collector, music isn’t really a great gift. If you want to really impress him, consider getting tickets for a concert from one of his favorite bands or artists.

2. Jewelry

Even if he loves bling, jewelry can end up as one of the worst holiday gifts for your boyfriend. He’ll have to say he likes it, and then he’ll have to wear it to make you feel appreciated. If you know exactly what he wants, go for it, but otherwise stay away from jewelry, particularly expensive watches if you’re not sure what he’d really like to add to his collection.

3. DVD or Blu-Ray Sets

Just like with music, your guy probably already has access to streaming anything and everything that he’s really interested in. Of course, DVD or BR sets often contain bonus material that’s not available online. But if he really wants it, it’s probably already pre-ordered. However, if he hasn’t gotten around to buying a really expensive limited edition set that you know he wants, it could end up as a great present.

10 Worst Holiday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

4. Sporting Goods

You’re unlikely to get exactly what it wants, so don’t consider sporting goods a no brainer as the present a guy will love. Sporting goods can definitely be one of the worst holiday gifts for your boyfriend, but if he really needs some new gear and you know exactly what he needs, go for it. Or eliminate the risk completely and get him a gift card from his favorite store.

5. Self-Help Books

The adult equivalent of coal, self help books may be gifts that come from a good place, but they’re rarely received as such. They usually imply that there’s something wrong with him that needs to be fixed. Even if he’s complained about needing to lose weight, skip the dieting or exercise books and let him enjoy the holidays without making him feel fat.

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6. Exercise Equipment

With the same implication of “You need to work on your body to meet my standards”, exercise equipment is often one of the worst holiday gifts for your boyfriend. Most are used just a few times, and it will probably start gathering dust by the end of January. Even if one of his New Year’s resolutions is getting in shape, you’re better off getting him something else.

7. Household Goods

Even if your guy is a barbecue pro, especially if your guy is a barbecue pro, he doesn’t need your help in getting the right tools for it. Avoid household goods altogether, whether they’re for the kitchen or for the office. You can also spread your present into two, a smaller, personal gift and a gift card for a store that carries something you know he needs, but shouldn’t choose yourself.

8. Ties

Did you ever get socks as a holiday present when you were small? That’s exactly what ties feel to most guys. They’re not uninspired, they’re one of the worst holiday gifts for your boyfriend.

10 Worst Holiday Gifts for Your Boyfriend

9. A Gift Card That’s Too Small

If you give up and just go with a gift card, don’t create any extra expenses for him. Make sure that your gift card can cover the full service or experience that you’re actually offering.The tip should be his only expense.

10. Anything That’s Actually for You

If you’ve ever ended up using a gift more than the guy who received it, don’t repeat that mistake. While you can use sexy lingerie to create a present for him, it’s not really “for” him. Some of the worst holiday gifts for your boyfriend are the ones that you’ll end up enjoying more than him.

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