5 Time-Tested Flirting Tricks for Girls

5 Time-Tested Flirting Tricks for Girls

If you need some help in the dating department, it’s wise to start at the basics. Get familiarized with the time-tested flirting tricks for girls below to arm yourself up with the secret weapons of seduction.

Are you ready to hit the boardwalk and attract immediate attention with your sexy and mysterious allure? Use your charisma and a few gestures to turn yourself into a real magnet and conquer your cutie with ease.

1. Touch or Bite Your Lips

It might seem pretty cheesy, but it’s SCIENCE. Do your best to guarantee your success and use your lips as the secret weapon to win his heart. If biting your lips seems embarrassing, you can touch this spot with your fingers. Use lip gloss or balm to have perfectly moisturized lips and radiate effortless beauty without overdoing this must try flirting gesture.

5 Time-Tested Flirting Tricks for Girls

2. Small Acts of Kindness

This trick works magic with your relationship especially if you spend more time together as colleagues or friends. Learn how to warm his heart with a few small acts of kindness.

Offer him a coffee, share your sandwich with him or any other gesture which suggests that you really care about him.

3. Use Your Hands To Highlight Your Best Assets

Guys pay special attention to your hands and what you use them for. Therefore, the trick to attract attention to your flirty features is to touch these in a subtle and elegant way.

Running your fingers through your locks, touching your lips or collarbone and ears are only some of the gestures you should definitely try on an important date night. Keep your nails in the best shape to stay attractive.

4. 3 Seconds Glance

Flirting specialists came up with a set of ideas on how to take your seductive skills to the next level. Learn the 3 seconds glance rule to have ultimate success on your night out. Love gurus say that it is wise to keep a brief eye contact with your dream guy and then turn away and do your own thing. Then after a few seconds look at him and if your eyes meet, he’s definitely interested.

5. Unnecessary Talk

Believe it or not, unnecessary talk is the secret tool to take your relationship with a nice guy to the next level. Come up with common subjects which might interest him and start a conversation. Don’t overdo it and stick to sentences that have a meaning, rather than filling your story with unnecessary ideas. Smart talking is a way to show off your intellectual and creative side to others.

5 Time-Tested Flirting Tricks for Girls