Are You About to Get Dumped?

Are You About to Get Dumped?

Are You About to Get Dumped?

Female intuition is always something you should pay attention to, especially when red flags start popping up in the beginning of a relationship. However, there are many more reliable clues that indicate an impending break up.

Even if your man isn’t discussing future plans are focused on him alone, there are plenty of signs that make his intentions clear. If you notice more than 5 signs from the list, your relationship might be headed for splitsville.

1. He’s More and More Busy with Work

Work isn’t always an excuse or a lie for a man that’s looking to end a relationship. Many men focus on work and put in extra hours in order to get a sense of positive achievement when things aren’t going smoothly in their personal lives. Focusing more on work can be temporary, so you shouldn’t jump to conclusions when this is the only clue.

2. You Sense a Lack of Intimacy

One of the biggest signs he will dump you is a lack of intimacy that manifests itself in many ways. The most obvious clue is when he keeps conversations neutral, and avoiding any topics that involve the two of you together. He might show an interest in your life, but only in the things that will keep you away from him, like your work.

Are You About to Get Dumped?

3. His Body Language Shows That He’s Distant

A man’s body language can often betray his intentions. When you’re sitting down on the couch together and his torso is mostly angled away from you, that’s a clear sign of his desire to be as far away from you as possible. Don’t confuse a night where he’s tired with a pattern that clearly shows he’s distancing himself from you.

4. No More PDAs

If you’re looking for signs he will dump you, the lack of public displays of affection is a big one, especially when you know he’s not uncomfortable with PDAs. It might be a conscious decision or simply another clue in the body language of a man who’s planning to be single soon. If he used to be physically closer to you, but now it’s just you that wants to be closer to him, your relationship might be heading for a break up.

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5. You See His Friends Less or All the Time

Sometimes, you can see changes in his friends’ behavior as well when they not he may be planning to dump you. Since you don’t know them well enough, ignore those, while paying attention to the number of times you see his friends. If he’s starting to see them more on his own or if romantic dinners have been replaced by a group hanging out, you might have good reason to start getting worried.

6. Making Plans Together Becomes More Difficult

One of the classic signs he will dump you, the lack of commitment when it comes to making plans together should worry you. If he used to plan vacations for the two of you and now you can’t even get him to commit to seeing you during the weekend, a break up might be imminent.

Are You About to Get Dumped?

7. There’s a Big Change in Your Sex Life

Many women consider things cooling off in the bedroom a really bad sign for the relationship, but that can be natural for a lot of couples. When you see that’s suddenly a lot less interested in sex, or a lot more into it, there might be trouble ahead. For some men, sex is a way to avoid emotional intimacy, so if he always avoids discussions about couple issues by jumping in the sack, he might simply be delaying the inevitable break up.

8. He’s Less Amused by Your Quirks

If the weird things you do that he used to consider cute are turning into irritating factors, you should definitely look for more signs he will dump you, including the fact that he starts arguments over nothing. When he feels he’s be single soon, he’s less likely to put up with anything you do, so he may start nitpicking.

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9. His Things Are Starting to Disappear from Your Place

Another classic sign of an impending break up, the disappearance of his stuff from your place or the return of the things he loaned from you shouldn’t be ignored if he’s also showing some of the other signs on the list.

10. He Stops Paying Attention to Your Social Media Activity

If he used to be your biggest fan on Facebook and Twitter but suddenly loses interest, he might be distancing himself from you. A social makeover that includes more sexy profile pics is another red flag when he’s also showing other signs he will dump you.

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