Best French Manicure Kit

Best French Manicure Kit

The best kits for French manicure should include a creamy white and a lasting base color for the desired look. Check out a few products, worthy contenders for the title of best French manicure kit.

Getting a salon French manicure is your best bet for long lasting results and a little pampering, but when you want to get your nails done yourself, you can’t go wrong with any of the best at home French manicure kits. Find out more about them right now.

OPI French Manicure Kit

If you want to go for one of the biggest names in nail polish, the OPI French manicure kit is an excellent choice. It includes the Avoplex cuticle oil, along with a natural pink and a white and the Start to Finish top/base coat. Best French manicure kit reviews portray the OPI French nail as an excellent choice for a fast and effective manicure.

VOV French Manicure Kit

A similarly popular choice is the VOV French manicure kit. It consists of a base coat, a top coat and a polish for the white tip, along with paper strips that make painting the tips much easier. The VOV French manicure kit is considered the best at home French manicure kit because it’s fast drying and lasts up to 3 days with no chips.

Best French Manicure Kit

Nails Inc. French Manicure Nail Polish Collection

Get the professional look that’s usually reserved for salon with the Nails Inc. kit. It can remain chip-free on your nail for up to a week and offers the glossy look many women love when it comes to mani. It’s at the top of the price range, but you have to pay up if you expect the best polish for French manicure.

Orly La Petite French

Easy to use, the Orly La Petite can be called one of the best at home French manicure kits. Even if it starts chipping after a few days, it doesn’t lose its sheen.

Best French Manicure Kit

Kiss Everlasting Gel Polish French Manicure Kit

If you want nails that look perfect up to two weeks, gel polish is the right choice and the Kiss French manicure kit offers a special appliqué for the tips of your nails. In up to 45 minutes, you can get salon quality while using one of the best at home French manicure kits. The only downside to the Kiss French manicure kit with gel polish is that it requires you to use the All or 1 Artificial Nail Remover.

Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit

If you’re a beginner and don’t know if you want to invest too much, go for the Sally Hansen French Manicure Kit. It offers a good sheen for a few days and the application is very easy and quick.

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