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How to Maintain Blonde Hair Color

How to Maintain Blonde Hair Color

Blonde hair has always been admired and has always brought a certain sexy allure. It seems that blonde hair is constantly associated with being sexy and sensual because most of the sex symbols of the present as well as from the past were blondies. Marilyn Monroe, Farrah Fawcet, Pamela Anderson, Doutzen Kroes, Sarah Harding, and many other bomb shells are blondes.

Nowadays it is very easy to go blonde even if you aren’t a natural blondie. The cosmetic industry has come a long way and has developed chemical mixtures which can help your tresses bleach. Bleached hair is then dyed in the desired blonde shade. There are so many blonde shades available to choose from like: strawberry blonde, platinum blonde, golden blonde, ash blonde, honey blonde, etc. There is a variety of shades available to match almost all types of complexions.

Not everyone can look good with blonde hairstyle, it all depends on the color of the complexion, this is why it is wise to consult your hairdresser for advice or try a virtual makeover to check if blonde suits you and if so, what shade of blonde.

How to Maintain Blonde Hair Color How to Maintain Blonde Hair Color

Going blonde can leave its print over your tresses especially if the hair is not treated properly. Here are some tips to help your blonde tresses look perfect every single time:

use shampoo especially designed for colored or blonde tresses because they will help maintain your color and your shade for longer periods of time

moisturize and deep condition your hair to restore its moisture. That way the hair will appear healthier and the color will remain stronger for longer

avoid exposing your hair to the sun and let it dry after you have bathed in salty water. This will dry out your hair and make it look brassy and dull. Apply a sun protection spray on your golden tresses so the harmful UV rays won’t damage the hair avoid swimming in pools which contain chlorinated water because the chlorine can turn your hair green

pour a few drops of Genshin violet in plenty of lukewarm water and rinse your hair with it. The purplish water will make your tresse look gorgeous again. Use the rinse every two weeks and use only a few drops in plenty of water. Adding too much can turn your hair purple, but the purple will come out in a few days. Genshin violet is safe for the hair and doesn’t cause any damage

Maintain your beautiful blonde tresses healthy and you will look fabulous.

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