Cat Eyes Makeup

Cat Eyes Makeup

Imperial cat eyes and innocent lips – this is the perfect combination in make-up for blondes. In only 15 minutes, from a quiet little girl, you can change into a sensual and stylish woman.

Apply a foundation with illuminating effect. Then use a fine shiny powder down the T-zone. Add concealer under and around the eyes and nose, to brighten up and concealer any imperfections.

For the eyes, start by marking the eyes with a black kohl pencil, blend well. Then apply a dark coffee-brown eye shadow on the entire upper lid (stop at the crease) and the lower lash line.

Cat Eyes Makeup

Use an eye shadow with golden reflexes under the eyebrows. Apply the same shadow very gently on the cheek-line with the help of a thick brush.

For the lips you need a light pink gloss with shiny particles and the luscious wet-lip effect.

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