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EducoGym Diet: How Does It Work?

EducoGym Diet: How Does It Work?

EducoGym, a chain of workout centers in Ireland, the UK and the USA, has drawn a lot of attention thanks to its special program for weight loss and building muscle. Based on the special EducoGym diet and daily exercise, the program promises fast results.

Created by Tony Quinn, EducoGym advises its clients to go on the so called “cream cheese diet”, based on a novel concept. According to the EducoGym diet, eating more protein and fat while working out can boost the metabolism and increase the rate of fat burning in the body.

EducoGym Diet Basics

The EducoGym Diet sheet allows for meals rich in protein and fat with a very specific ratio between the two. Carbs and sugars are completely restricted, along with any alcoholic beverages.

The low glycemic diet also included food supplements, EducoGym tablets, along with the precise amounts of fat and protein. Full-fat cream cheese plays a big part of the diet, making some call it the cream cheese diet, along with protein from meat and fish, and extra fat from nuts and avocados. Since the EducoGym Diet Plan is so strict, eating out may become a problem.

EducoGym Workout

For the initial 12 days of the program, dieters should exercise every day for 15-20 minutes at a special center. Under the supervision of trained personnel, the workout consists of intense weight training, followed by sit-ups.

EducoGym results are praised by many clients, but the workout can be difficult for people used to a sedentary lifestyle.

EducoGym Diet Pros and Cons

The biggest benefit of the EducoGym Weight Loss plan is that is works fast. After cutting out carbs completely and doing intense training, the muscle mass is increased in days, which helps the fat burning process even more.

Obviously, the EducoGym Diet plan is only a short-term solution, followed by a different nutritional plan and working out three times a week in the long run.

EducoGym Diet: How Does It Work?

The high cost of the diet and the workouts may deter some dieters, along with the rich taste of fatty and protein rich foods every day. The short term goal, only two days, can help dieters feel motivated, but the EducoGym tablets are another big expense.

Using the EducoGym diet sheet on the short term seems to provide good results, but maintaining the progress after the initial period also include a low glycemic diet, this time around low in fat as well as low in carbs and sugar.

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