Chantecaille Summer 2020 Makeup Collection

Chantecaille Summer 2020 Makeup Collection

This summer season Chantecaille returned to the basics and chose nature for inspiration in the summer 2020 makeup collection. Juicy exotic fruits stood as the base for the color inspiration of most of the products featured in the new makeup collection, meaning an array of lovely natural, soft and feminine pink tones are now on standby, waiting to accentuate natural beauty to perfection.

The renowned makeup brand choose to experiment with soft, silky textures infused with antioxidants which promote healthy looking skin that oozes sexiness, so prepare to explore the fabulous vast product range featured in the new collection and pick your new favorite makeup items as high quality makeup can definite become your most trusted friend. The following products are featured in the new collection:

Chantecaille Summer 2020 Makeup Collection

Cheek Creme Give your cheeks a natural flush with the help of this emollient formula that glides on easily and melts in contact with the skin. The product features White Lily Bulb and Peach extracts to provide the skin with antioxidants that maintain the skin looking healthy, so turn towards the fab hues featured into the collection and sculpt your cheekbones to perfection. Experiment with:




Poudre de Perle Give your skin a luminous, silky smooth look with the help of the new refillable Poudre de Perle that contains a special powder which features zinc, iron and mica particles that give the formula a lightweight texture that also protects the skin from environmental elements. The new Akoya Pearl hue features pink tone pigments that will leave your skin looking divalicious.

Chantecaille Summer 2020 Makeup Collection

Luminous Gloss Give your lips a glass-like effect with the help of the new formulated lip glosses signed Chantecaille, glosses that deliver up to six hours of shine. The paraben-free formula is available in the following mouthwatering hues:





Chantecaille Summer 2020 Makeup Collection

Radiance Gel Bronzer Sunkissed skin is a definite must this summer and Chantecaille is making sure your skin looks perfect without having to be exposed to the dangers of radiation by providing you with the option of achieving a natural looking tan with the help of a weightless, ultra moisturizing bronzer. The formula features Raspberry Stem Cells for DNA damage repair, Youth-Preserving Bearberry Complex which provide antioxidants and vegetal-derived squalane which aims to improve the elasticity of the skin.

Ultra Sun Protection SPF 50 Anti-Glycation Primer Protect your skin whenever you’re exposing yourself to the sun with the help of this invisible sun protection cream that features broad spectrum UV filters. Apart from these highly protective screens, the formula also provides ingredients such as white tea extracts which are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and carnosine, an anti-glycation ingredient that helps prevent the skin’s collagen from breaking down.

Chantecaille Summer 2020 Makeup Collection

Just Skin This is a must have tinted moisturizer as it will give your skin a uniform coloration and a soft feel while fighting off free radicals. There are various shades to choose from , so select your best match:







Protection Naturelle SPF 46 Loose Powder



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