Essence ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ Makeup Collection

Essence ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ Makeup Collection

Konnichiwa gorgeous dolls! Ah, we’re so excited every time we discover a new makeup line! Well, we just came across the new Essence ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ 2020 collection and had to share it with you. So, the brand’s color theme of this trend edition beautifully combines soft cherry blossom shades with strong red, bright yellow and cool black. Oh, but the ultimate it-pieces of the line are the elaborately designed paper eyelashes that create a fabulous Asia-look with a true wow-effect when combined with expressive eyeliner, intense red lips and softly shimmering skin!

Quattro Eyeshadow

Hello Asian eyes! This season try something new and play around with your look! The Quattro Eyeshadow features two subtle tones in peach and nude as well as two intense colors in brown and red. So, add a little bit of interest to your appearance trying different breathtaking eye makeup styles. The Essence eyeshadow offers you endless options!

Essence ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ Makeup Collection Essence ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ Makeup Collection Essence ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ Makeup Collection

Paper Lashes

Essences’s ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ collection also includes artistically designed paper lashes that guarantee a traffic-stopping effect in an instant! How do they work? Well, simply apply the included glue to the lash band, position on the back third of your eye and press lightly to make your eyes shine in the hippest Asian style!

2in1 Eyeliner

Nothing adds drama to your looks more than a smoky eye makeup. And there’s no smoky without a great eyeliner! The Essence 2in1 liner allows you to create beautiful, accurate lines. From fine to broad, you’ll be able to get outstanding results while due to its semi-permanent texture, this eye makeup is extremely long-lasting in a choice of classic black or natural dark brown.

Essence ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ Makeup Collection

Highlighter Pen

Bye bye dullness, hello luxurious eyes! The highlighter pen in this line has a fine, softly-shimmering texture in a light rosé that gives the area around your eyes the natural radiance of an Asian beauty. The pen comes with a twist mechanism and stands out for its easy application with the integrated brush. Available in ‘konnichiwa girls!’

Essence ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ Makeup Collection Essence ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ Makeup Collection

Lipstick Pencil

Ready for some soft and lovely cherry blossom lips? Oh, we definitely are! This lipstick has an intense and velvety matte finish in a strong red or trendy apricot that turns this practical pencil into a true must-have item! It is available in ‘cherry cherry girl’ and ‘it’s peach not cherry.’


What could be a great makeup without a glowing, healthy-looking complexion and rosy cheeks? The multi-color blush in Essence’s line creates a fresh and rosy skin! And let’s not forget to mention that it comes in a cool embossed cherry blossom design that it’s absolutely eye-catching.

Essence ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ Makeup Collection

Nail Polish

The ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ 2020 collection also features some uber-cool nail polish colors. There are warm hues with high coverage in the shades of late summer such as sunny yellow, red and apricot ensure a long-lasting far eastern nail design with plain or shimmering effects. Available in ‘fortune cookie’, ‘my little kimono’, ‘cherry cherry girl’ and ‘it’s peach not cherry’.

Essence ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ Makeup Collection

Shimmering Body Powder

This product works amazing for everyone, not just for geishas! The fragrant body powder gives a fine shimmer and a beautiful radiance to your face, neck and décolleté. The pleasant flowery fragrance pampers your senses and whisks you away to the country of the rising sun. Available in ‘hello glitty’.

Essence ‘Cherry Blossom Girl’ Makeup Collection

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