Jill Stuart Valentine Love Collection

Jill Stuart Valentine Love Collection

Aside from being a celebration of genuine love and affection, Valentine’s Day has also become an opportunity for designers and mass retailers alike to display new products to help us express our feelings easier and to look absolutely gorgeous for this special occasion.

Designed to help girls look their best for the special occasion, the Jill Stuart Valentine Love collection reflects the Valentine’s Day theme to perfection, due to the seductive color palette as well as the symbols that are characteristic for this holiday. Adding a touch of glam to everyday makeup the collection is well designed down to the smallest details for an impressive effect with a luxurious allure.

Jill Stuart Valentine Love Collection

The collection contains various products necessary for a complete makeup look that allows any woman to look seductive and stylish. A mini nail polish collection featuring 5 feminine shades can be the perfect choice for creating intriguing Valentine’s Day nail designs. They are:

Love Scandal

Captive of Love

Love Potion

Love is Blind

First Love

Taking into account the fact that lips are one of the main weapons of seduction, the collection also includes three distinct shades of lip gloss highlighted beautifully with heart shaped crystals and placed in a heart shaped container. Here are the shades you can opt for:

Sweet Agreement – an intense pink

Oath – a passionate red hue

Platonic Love – subtle pink shade

Jill Stuart Valentine Love Collection

The collection manages to combine functionality with glamor as it also features some useful items any women needs for her beauty and makeup routine. Blotting papers as well as emery boards with various symbols that highlight the Valentine’s Day theme are also included in the collection, being available in two variations depending on the preferred color palette:


Love Key

Add a touch of glamor to your everyday makeup routine with these glamorous and feminine beauty products to be able to celebrate this holiday dedicated to love looking absolutely spectacular. Take advantage of this interesting limited edition collection to highlight your features creatively for a precious and unforgettable day.

Jill Stuart Valentine Love Collection

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