Guerlain Terracotta Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup

Guerlain Terracotta Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup

Finally, the new Guerlain Terracotta spring/summer 2020 makeup collection was unveiled and boy-oh-boy, do we love the new pigments that were especially formulated to deliver the ultimate bronzed skin finish. Women have been going wild for Guerlain’s Terracotta products since the first items were brought to the beauty scene and this last collection signed by the go-to-brand when it comes to quality makeup is definitely one of the hottest!

The sizzling pigments that aim to enhance the beauty of the skin all while maintaining the complexion looking natural and supple will quickly become your favorite beauty boosters, so check out all the pigments and products featured in Guerlain‘s hypnotic beauty collection and pick your new season must haves:

Guerlain Terracotta Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup Guerlain Terracotta Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup

Terracotta 4 Seasons Browsing Powder ($75) Finally, a powder that aims to perfect the skin all year round! Each of Guerlain’s new Terracotta powders feature 4 shades that you can mix to create a color that’s tailored to your skin regardless if you’ve got a fair or a dark complexion. There are 6 shade mixes to choose from so you can enjoy that Terracotta glow each time just by mixing the right shades to create a color that matches your skin perfectly. The following palette shades are available with this line:


Natural Blondes

Natural Brunettes

Medium Blondes

Medium Brunettes


Terracotta Skin Foundation ($51) Get the perfect looking complexion with this fab cream-powder foundation that covers the skin to diminish the appearance of large pores, imperfections and fine lines, all while maintaining the look natural and velvety. The formula features light reflecting particles that create a healthy glow that won’t go by unnoticed, so choose your best match from the following shades:




Guerlain Terracotta Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup

Terracotta Sun Scrub ($65) If you’re looking for the perfect tan this sun scrub by Guerlain is definitely a must try as its oily formula transforms, in contact with water, into a body milk which removes dead skin cells through massaging, leaving the skin supple and luminous, ready for the most seductive tan!

Terracotta Sunless Self-Tanning ($52) A tan in a bottle, is Guerlain’s proposition to a flawless damage-free tan, but to make sure that there’s no evidence of a fake tan the label made sure to provide its fans with an easy-to-use formula that delivers the illusion of sunkissed skin in just an hour. Its gel formula featuring light concentrations of DHA and organic Argan oil makes this tanning gel fabulous as it not only tints the skin with a shade that lasts up to 4 days but also moisturizes it so it feels soft and subtle to the touch!

Guerlain Terracotta Spring/Summer 2020 Makeup

Terracotta Jambes de Gazelle ($59) Created to make your legs look like they’re airbrushed, this fab tinted spray mist will be your ultimate beauty secret this summer. Apart from its fabulous non-transfer pigmentation that aims to create a flawless-looking skin, the product also features ingredients that provide a cooling effect all while leaving a subtle, irresistible scent of tiare flower.

Terracotta Sun Serum ($59) This fabulous serum will instantly transform your skin care products into tan boosters. Its formulation makes it 15 times more effective than other tan boosters, so give it a try and enjoy your gradually-acquired fabulous subtle tanned skin!

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