How to Get Your Nails Grow Faster

How to Get Your Nails Grow Faster

Having healthy-looking nails is essential for a truly perfect look. Here are some easy things you can do if you’re wondering “How do I get my nails to grow faster?”.

1. Eat protein

Not sure how to grow your nails? To begin with, make sure you have a proper intake of protein-rich foods (eggs, meat and beans). You can also drink protein shakes or take vitamin D supplements.

2. Take Biotin supplements

Biotin is a supplement used for a wide range of problems, from diabetes to hair growth. It is also an effective treatment for brittle nails. Biotin can be found in natural foods (raw egg yolk, liver, leafy green vegetables and peanuts), but it’s more commonly taken as a supplement. While it won’t make your nails grow faster, it will make them less breakable, increasing their chance of growing the natural way.

How to Get Your Nails Grow Faster

3. Wear household gloves

Most detergents have a damaging effect on your skin and can make your nails brittle, so always wear cotton-lined household gloves when doing the dishes

4. Trim your nails regularly

Wondering how to grow your nails? A good way to prevent nail breakage is to file and trim your nails regularly. Make sure you use sharp manicure scissors and a fresh emery board.

5. Do NOT bite your nails!

A self-obvious answer to the question “How do I get my nails to grow?” would be to refrain from biting them. If you are a biter, when you feel the urge to bite your nails, chew a piece of gum or do something creative with your hands to take your mind off it.

6. Moisturize

Pondering on how to grow your nails? Dry and dull nails break easily, so make sure they are properly moisturized. Use a hand and nail moisturizer (choose one with natural ingredients and less chemicals) three times a day, applying a little on your nails. Olive oil makes a great natural moisturizer, so you can pour a few drops in your palm and rub it on your nails.

How to Get Your Nails Grow Faster

7. Use nail strengthening products

In doubt as to how to grow your nails? Use a nail strengthener twice a week, as this can fortify your nails and make them shine. A good way to fortify brittle nails is to soak them in cool water for five minutes, then apply alpha-hydroxy lotion (available in drugstores or beauty supply stores).

9. Avoid acetone

Equally important when wondering how to grow your nails, use nail polish remover sparingly, especially if it contains acetone. While removing nail polish quickly, this can also dry out your nails.

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