Daring Eyes

Daring Eyes

Getting daring eyes with the eyeliner might seem a bit complicated, but with a little bit of practice and a steady hand one can easily master the eyeliner application technique. There are a variety of eyeliner types and shades on the market, but in order to achieve the right look one must use a khol eyeliner or a pencil eyeliner. The creaminess of these eyeliners will enable you to get the right coverage and define your eyes to perfection without too much fuss. Here’s how to achieve a daring eyes makeup look:

Face makeup to make a daring eyes look:The complexion plays a great role in the overall aspect of your look, so if you’re aiming for a flawless appearance, you must start by concealing skin imperfections. Get perfect looking skin with the help of foundation, concealer, and loose powder.

Daring Eyes Makeup Tips:

Daring Eyes

Once you’ve perfected the look of your complexion it’s time to focus on your peepers. With a black eye pencil, draw a thick line along the upper lash line or fill-in the eyelid up to the crease, and then create a line slightly below the lower lash line to make the eyes appear larger.

Apply false eyelashes to the top and bottom lash lines. Further accentuate eyes with a shimmery black shadow at the crease. If you’ve used your khol eyeliner on the entire lid the black eyeshadow will set the product and you’ll get a much more intense look. If needed, set with another layer of black shadow.

Apply a crisp nude liner at the inner rim of the lash line. Shape and darken eyebrows to carry off the bold eye and dust a sheer shimmery highlighter on your brown bone. Finish the look with mascara.

Lip Color for Bold Eyes Makeup:

Daring Eyes

At this stage you can either choose to go subtle or bold with your lip makeup. If it’s ‘subtleness’ you’re aiming for, well at least as your lips are concerned, you should go for a beige, a nude or a beige pink lip color. If you’re all about making a statement, mute the natural color of your lips with concealer and apply a cool deep red lipstick.

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