Katy Perry’s Nail Artist Designs for Minx

Katy Perry’s Nail Artist Designs for Minx

Were you always intrigued by the drop-dead-gorgeous manicure designs of celebrities? This time find out more about the mastermind behind Katy Perry‘s nail art designs. Kimmie Kyees is one of the most sought-after manicurists from Hollywood and she is the person who guarantees the ultimate success of our fave style icons. This time, Katy Perry’s manicurist has teamed up with Minx Nails and furnishes the public with an eight-piece repertoire of nail wraps. The beloved nail artist told InStyle that, “I wanted my collection to be colorful with lots of movement to give my nail designs a life of their own.”

Kimmie Kyees also included her favorite pattern among the cool Minx designs, “I’ve always loved stars, so there absolutely had to be a star-themed Minx in my first collection. Paula Abdul gave me a star-shaped ring, my favorite earrings are in the shape of a star, Rihanna has star tattoos, Lindsay Lohan always asks me to do nail art with stars…it was meant to be!”

Katy Perry’s Nail Artist Designs for Minx@KimmieKyees

Head-turning Minx nail designs offer you the chance to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Start a new page in your beauty diary with the help of this funky fresh nail art collection. Kimmie also added that, “It looks like there are all colors, shapes, and dimensions,[…]so if you wear this design, be prepared to have people grabbing your hands so they can get a better look!” In addition to all these amazing nail wrap styles, we also have a few models decorated with animal prints. Actually, the rainbow leopard Minx design was inspired by Katy Perry’s Purr fragrance ad.

Take advantage of this versatile parade of Minx nail wraps and see how Kimmie Kyees succeeds in incorporating the ‘it’ prints inspired by catwalk collections into these faddish nail art accessories. The nail artist revealed to InStyle that, “Color blocking has been a big trend and I did a variation of this pattern in colors for Katy Perry’s ghd advertisement.”

Katy Perry’s Nail Artist Designs for Minx

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