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Best Anti-Aging Diet

Best Anti-Aging Diet

Aging beautifully and healthily is the promise of many specialized diets. Find out more about the most popular anti-aging diet plans, from Dr. Perricone’s Anti-Aging Diet to The Origin Diet.

Dr. Perricone Anti-Aging Diet

According to dr. Nicholas Perricone, the biggest enemy of maintaining your youth is inflammation, which contributes to diabetes, sagging skin and even cancer. If an anti-inflammatory diet is the secret for a longer, healthier life, the dr. Perricone anti-aging diet eliminates sugar, bread, baked goods and processed foods in hopes of stopping inflammation.

Considered by many the best anti-aging diet, the dr. Perricone anti-aging diet focuses on high quality protein and healthy fats from fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, which also makes it a top choice for an anti-aging diet for skin.

Best Anti-Aging Diet

Age-Free Zone Diet

Improved by Dr. Barry Sears from the original Zone diet, this high in protein, low in carbs, calorie restricted diet aims to control different hormones responsible for aging.

Calorie restrictions have been the bases of many life extension philosophies, but the Age-Free Zone Diet also includes many dietary supplements, as this anti-aging diet plan hopes to reduce free radical damage.

The RealAge Diet

“RealAge: Make Yourself Younger With What You Eat” is dr. Michael Roizen’s solution for keeping youthful. Called a non-diet diet, the RealAge Diet is all about reaching your ideal weight by eating healthy.

Longevity is the most important effect of this diet that includes plenty of vegetables, fruits, soy foods and whole grains. Considered by many the best anti-aging diet thanks to its simple philosophy, the RealAge Diet can also have an anti-aging effect on your skin.

Best Anti-Aging Diet

Eat Right, Live Longer Diet

Dr. Neil Barnard, author of the “Eat Right, Live Longer: Using the Natural Power of Foods to Age-Proof Your Body” diet book promotes a vegetarian diet with a low fat content as the right way to stave the aging process.

Organic and raw produce are praised for their antioxidant levels, but this anti-aging diet plan is not for people who love meat and dairy.

The Origin Diet

Written by nutrition expert Elizabeth Somer, “The Origin Diet: How Eating Like Our Stone Age Ancestors Will Maximize Your Health” is a diet book which advises a return to the diet of prehistoric humans for maximizing your life span.

It’s an excellent anti-aging diet since it places a big emphasis on natural, unprocessed foods. With no side-effects except higher costs of food, the Origin Diet doesn’t include a calorie quota, but advises dieters to exercise regularly.

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