NYX Love in Paris Spring 2020 Eyeshadow Palettes

NYX Love in Paris Spring 2020 Eyeshadow Palettes

Spring will be here before you know it, which means it’s high time to start planning fresh additions to your makeup stash which are more suited for the days to come than the dark, edgy and dramatic offerings that served you so well in the holiday season.

NYX Cosmetics can certainly help in the eyeshadow department as it compiled a delightful set of options in the ‘Love In Paris’ eyeshadow palettes. French women have been admired for their effortless chic looks for a long time now, so what better source of insight for the upcoming months than a set of options perfectly tailored to reflect spring vibes?

You might think such a theme is centered around a fairly narrow selection of tones, however, the label didn’t spare any efforts as far as variety is concerned. On the contrary, the brand did its best to ensure that a variety of needs will be met and as a result has brought over 100 tones which are neatly arranged in a nine pan eyeshadow palette available in 12 color selections that eloquently reflect the theme through their well chosen names. Both matte or shimmery tones are neatly reflected in these fabulous palettes:

NYX Love in Paris Spring 2020 Eyeshadow Palettes

Pardon My French – shimmery beiges, golds, browns and green

Let Them Eat Cake – shimmery and matte pinks,browns and beiges

Merci Beaucoup – shimmery and matte neutrals, gold and rust

Je Ne Sais – shimmer and matte browns, cream, silver and plum

You Are Seine – shimmery and matte neutrals, greys and indigo

Mon Cherie – shimmery and matte plum, green, gold, cream, indigo and browns

A La Mode – browns, shimmering silvers, black and white

Madelines and Macaroons – shimmery and matte nudes, beiges and pink

Be Our Guest Maurice – shimmery purples, beiges, black and white

Love Affair with Louis – shimmery blues, silvers, black

Parisian Chic – shimmery and matte neutrals

C’est La Vie – shimmery browns, beiges and deep greens

NYX Love in Paris Spring 2020 Eyeshadow Palettes NYX Love in Paris Spring 2020 Eyeshadow Palettes

If these new offerings have ignited your creative fires and you already began craving these spectacular new offerings, you should definitely start looking for them in mid January as this is when they launch at nyxcosmetics.com. These nifty eyeshadow palettes retail for $10.