Orly Fired Up Fall 2020 Nail Polishes

Orly Fired Up Fall 2020 Nail Polishes

We’re having a blast testing out the multitude of vibrant tones that made it to the hot must-have lists this summer. Still, we cannot help but wonder what the not so distant future brings in terms of color palettes, especially in areas where frequent changes have a very positive vibe associated to them, like nail lacquers. Fortunately for us, brands are starting to unveil some of the offerings that will soon hit the shelves. For Orly, hotness is the keyword of the next months. How do we know it for sure? Well, for one, the collection is titled Fired Up.

After the cheerful and intense spring summer offerings by the brand, the perspective undergoes small changes. The newest offerings are a fabulous blend of rich, seductive creamy tones and fabulous boredom proof shimmery tones that will create a luxurious touch instantly. From subtle to dramatic and refined, the choices are definitely interesting and appropriate for the new season overall fashion perspective as seen so far.

Orly Fired Up Fall 2020 Nail Polishes

Fierce yet delicate, the tones of the collection are incredibly covetable. Red tones are the stars of the collection, while nude and golden tones complete the collection bringing a much needed sense of diversity along with multiple additional possibilities for a fabulous manicure. The intense tones of the collection have equally interesting and extremely suitable names which highlight the theme to perfection: Flare, Flickr, Glow, Ignite, Rapture, Smolder.

The Orly Fired Up collection is set to be launched early in the fall season, however the exact date isn’t known yet. What it is known, however, is that each 18 ml/ 0.6 fl oz nail polish bottle will have a retail price of $7.50.

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