Pro Tips: How to Use Hair Products Right

Pro Tips: How to Use Hair Products Right

Even if you think you’ve got your hair care and styling routine down to a science, you might still benefit from a few pro tips about the best ways to get the best results with your preferred hair products, from dry shampoo and hairspray to hair cream and sea salt spray.

Discover a few pro tips on how to use hair products, and take your styling potential to the next level, whether you have processed hair or stick to your natural texture and color.

Dry Shampoo

It’s the perfect solution for giving your hair a break between shampooing, but this product can’t work wonders if you use it every day. The secret to making the most out of dry shampoo is to focus on the roots. You should also massage your scalp after application, as you would when shampooing. Once you’ve worked it in, brush it out patiently to avoid leaving any residue behind.


One of the best pro tips when it comes to using hair products is knowing how far away you should be holding the can of hairspray. Most users keep it too close, then get unpleasant buildup. The can shouldn’t be closer than 12 inches when you apply it. Even if you use a product with extra hold, you should make sure you can still brush your hair afterwards.

Pro Tips: How to Use Hair Products Right

Hair Mousse

A common mistake when it comes to hair mousse is applying too much of it, and doing it all over. You’ll get the most impressive results with mousse when you just focus on the roots for the extra lift. If you use too much, it will simply weight down your hair, and you’ll also lose shine. Avoid the dull look and the sticky buildup by sticking to a ping pong ball sized amount at application.

Heat Protectant

While most hair products will just affect your look when misapplied, heat protectant can actually leave your strand vulnerable when you’re not applying it the right way. One of the best pro tips on how to use hair products is applying heat protectant on wet hair, after you’ve deep conditioned it. That way, it will be absorbed correctly and truly protect your hair from the heat, whether you plan on straightening it or curling it.

Oil Treatment

A good oil treatment won’t leave your hair looking greasy. Less it more when it comes to oil, and it should always be applied on wet hair. Some oil treatments, like hot ones, aren’t designed to be left unwashed, so make sure that you shampoo twice after this type of treatment for the best results.

Pro Tips: How to Use Hair Products Right

Hair Serum

When you blow dry your hair or use heat styling tools, a serum can help restore shine at the end. The problem is that most women don’t know how to apply it correctly. Serums work best at the ends of your hair. When you’re figuring out how to use hair products, one of the most important pro tips is to keep serum away from your roots, since it will weight down your hair and reduce volume.

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Hair Cream

Fighting frizz with hair cream is a great idea, but it’s very important that you don’t overuse this product. Stick to the size of a quarter, and avoid the roots. You’ll get better results in reducing freeze without ending up with a greasy look.

Sea Salt Spray

Adding extra texture with a sea salt spray is a great way to create a gorgeous summer look, but you should also think twice about how to use hair products when applying it. Sea salt and other beach sprays should always go on your hair last, once you’ve finished styling it. Try one of the most important hair pro tips and avoid the roots altogether in order to avoid a greasy finish.

Pro Tips: How to Use Hair Products Right

Change Your Hair Routine Every Season

Make sure you pay attention to the weather when you buy your hair products. Deep conditioning and regular moisturizing is more important in the winter, and fighting frizz with the right products is a must during the warmer months with high humidity.

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Don’t Stick to the Same Products

There’s no truth to the fact that your hair gets “used” to certain hair products, but you should still try new things. Even if you’ve mastered how to use hair products, don’t expect dramatic results forever. Once you’ve fixed a problem, like dullness or dryness, you can try new products for your hair’s different needs.

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