Signs It’s Time to Move On

Signs It’s Time to Move On

The veil has finally come off and you just realized that your relationship is toxic. Here are the most important signs it’s time to move on.It is hard, because you have invested a lot of feelings into this relationship, however, things do not seem to work anymore between the two of you.

Signs You Should Break Up With Him

We did some research and, in the following, we will point out 5 signs you should dump him. Are you ready to discover them?

Physical Abuse

You just got slapped by your drunk partner and he said this would be the first and last time. Some women just keep giving chances to their violent partners, however, unfortunately, the abuse does not cease. You lose your trust in your relationship, because the person you looked up to for protection now harmed you. Unless you can truly forgive and forget what happened, chances that your relationship is over are very high.

Signs It’s Time to Move On


Lying is not a normal occurrence in a healthy relationship because a solid and long lasting connection is mainly based on trust. If you cannot be honest with the person you are with or just avoid confrontation, you should reconsider your relationship because partners should be able to talk things through and speak their minds. Your love bond should make you feel at ease and not hide things from your significant other.


If you have a long term commitment with your partner, cheating is not an option. You can however choose to forgive your lover and work things through only if both of you will be willing to make the necessary changes and consider the relationship a top priority. However, if that person cheats frequently, you should reconsider things and put an end to the relationship, even if it hurts.

Signs It’s Time to Move On


You ask yourself “What are the signs I should leave him?”. You should know that addiction is also one of them, whether we are talking about drugs, alcohol or gambling. This type of illness affects your relationship and trust. If your partner is not willing to fight his addiction, you cannot fight for both of you. Maybe by stepping away you will make him realize that it’s time to take some serious decisions.

Bad Communication

One of the secrets of a healthy and happy relationship is communication. If you do not seem to find a bridge and communicate with your partner, small things can turn into big arguments that could have easily been avoided. So, miscommunication can eventually lead to a break up if you do not do your best and try to solve things together as grown ups.

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