Too Faced Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

Too Faced Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

Sneak peeks into the upcoming months’ product launches are always exciting, so more and more beauty retailers are starting to seize the opportunity of teasing their customers with the early pics of some of the products to be launched. The Too Faced brand is using the same strategy with its latest makeup collection for 2020 and it certainly manages to raise plenty of interest.

From the mesmerizing colors to crafty and sophisticated package, no detail is neglected, an aspect that really sets this holiday collection apart from the ones we have seen so far. The rather comprehensive sets of products are broken down into several mini collections, each with different characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at the dream-worthy products for the holiday season.

Sweet Dreams Holiday 2020 Palette ($52) This limited edition makeup palette contains no less than 15 mesmerizing eyeshadow tones (The Buff, Peach Fuzz, Copper Peony, Teddy Bear, Lovey Dovey, Satin Sheets, Cut The Cake, Party Girl, Nice Ash, Smolder, Honeymoon, Label Whore, Nice Stems!, Cap A Teal, First Dance) that you can use to make your eyes stand out.

Too Faced Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

Flawless, long lasting makeup is always admired and the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eye Shadow Primer included in the collection is designed to help you achieve perfection a lot easier. Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder and Too Faced Blush in Cocoa Rose, Sweet Pink and Signature Step-by-Step Instruction Cards complete this fabulous beauty arsenal.

In Your Dreams Holiday 2020 Palette ($39) Do you prefer natural beauty, feminine and flirty makeup or the universally flattering smokey eye look? You don’t have to decide right away. In fact, you can have it all with the fabulous tones included in the collection. With the nine eye shadows (Silk Stockings, La Cage, Rapture, Pink Peacock, Swing, Fishnet, Full Moon, Dream On, Seduce) three blushes (Wanna Play?, Girly Show, You Hold The Key ) and three lip shades( Give It Up, Pink Ice, Heart On ) included in the collection you will be able to get the Natural Beauty,” “Feminine Flirty,” or “Seductively Smokey” look in a matter of minutes. The extremely helpful step-by-step face charts take the guesswork and ensure that you will get the look you that you have envisioned.

Too Faced Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

Beautiful Dreamer Makeup Collection ($46) This limited edition collection includes some of the brand’s best selling products and has everything you need in order to create an ultra flattering makeup style. The Two Faced Sun Bunny Bronzing Powder & Who’s Your Poppy Blush Duo for a flawless, even tone, the Too Faced Eye Shadow Collection in Teddy Bear, Blonde Ambition, Totally Toasted, Satin Sheets along with Lashgasm Mascara for the ultimate eye makeup, the Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight for a crease-free finish, the delicate Too Faced Pink Swan Lip Gloss for seductive lips are all you need for a seductive look this holiday season. The lovely Pink Zip Cosmetic Case is the perfect addition for those who like to keep their beauty tools in perfect order.

Glamour to Go Holiday 2020 Palette ($22) The Too Faced Glamour To Go Dream palette is perfect for those who are always on the run and like to have the freedom of easily carrying their favorite shades with them. With eight sophisticated eyeshadow colors, one delicate blush tone, a subtle bronzer and an ultra refined lip gloss, you’ll never have to worry about looking your best in every circumstance.

Too Faced Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection Too Faced Holiday 2020 Makeup Collection

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