Urban Decay Fall 2020 Makeup Collection

Urban Decay Fall 2020 Makeup Collection

With the fall season closing-in fast, Urban Decay is making sure ahead of time you’re going to look fabulous this new season with the brand’s latest makeup collection. Makeup can definitely ensure you look flawless and the products featured in the collection can surely underline your urban-chic style. The Urban Decay Fall 2020 makeup features all the necessary products for an amazing chic makeup look that makes heads turn, so check out the following products and select the perfect ones for you.

The collection is a special one for Urban Decay as they are celebrating their 15th Anniversary and for this reason they have included a new eyeshadow palette in the collection, a palette which features new and exclusive hues for an unbelievably hot look. Check out the new hot collection and become a makeup junkie with Urban Decay:

Urban Decay Fall 2020 Makeup Collection Urban Decay Fall 2020 Makeup Collection

Urban Decay 15-Year Anniversary Palette The makeup palette features a mix of amazing lights and darks that reached a perfect balance for a myriad of fabulous day to midnight makeup looks. The palette features a deluxe collection gunmetal box that comes with a velvet-lined compartment (in which the eyeshadow tray is placed) and which you can use after you’ve used up all the products as a cute jewelry box. The eyeshadow palette contains the following amazing shades:

Deeper – deep shimmery golden brown

M.I.A – soft shimmery dark brown

Ace – dark gunmetal shimmer

Blackout – darkest, most saturated black

Half Truth – shimmery smoky purple

Tainted – pale matte purple with golden shimmer

Junkshow – bright pink with fuchsia shift

Omen – shimmery metallic bright purple with blue shift

Evidence – deep metallic blue

Deep End- bright teal shimmer

Midnight Rodeo – medium metallic brown with silver and gold glitter

Midnight 15 – oyster pearl with silver glitter

Vanilla- shimmery white gold

Flow – soft peach shimmer

Chase – metallic bright bronze

Urban Decay Fall 2020 Makeup Collection

Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner Give your eyes long lasting super glam definition with the help of the 24/7 liquid eyeliners. The fall 2020 makeup collection features 11 gorgeous eyeliner hues that glide on easily and dry quickly for a perfect divalicious look. The colors featured vary from shimmery to matte and come in:

Bobby Dazzle – white silver with iridescent sparkle

Demolition – deep matte brown

El Dorado – yellow gold with gold sparkle

Perversion – carbon black

Radium – bright blue with silver sparkle

Retrograde – dark purple with purple sparkle

Revolver – dark grey with iridescent sparkle

Sabbath – deep matte navy

Siren – teal with blue shift

Smog – deep brown with golden shimmer & iridescent sparkle

Woodstock – hot pink with iridescent sparkle

Urban Decay Urbanbrow Makeup Your eyebrows can definitely transform your look, so make the best out of your eyebrows and style them to perfection with two of Urban Decay’s brow makeup products. Urbanbrow Precison – Tip Brow Tint and Urbanbrow Styling Brush and Setting Gel can shape and set unruly brows for a glamorous look that captures the attention from first glimpse.

Urban Decay Fall 2020 Makeup Collection Urban Decay Fall 2020 Makeup Collection

Urban Decay High Performance Lash Curler Urban Decay has revolutionized the traditional lash curler and gave it a more professional look by removing the bars on the side to avoid pinching your lid. Need a professional fast and pain-free lash curler? Then this is the way to go!

Urban Decay Lush Lash Mascara The unique formula featured in the Lush Lash Mascara from Urban Decay helps your lashes receive that show-stopping glamour that makes your look unforgettable. Infused with growth-serum, this conditioning mascara will make your lashes look amazing from the inside out, making them appear longer and more voluminous at the same time.

Urban Decay Urban Lash A glam girl always sports amazing lashes, so get the look with one of the 4 new false eyelashes signed Urban Decay. Go subtle or go dramatic, depending on personal preference and occasion as the collection offers you a wide range of false eyelash styles, just so you can find the perfect match for you.

Photos courtesy of Urban Decay

Urban Decay Fall 2020 Makeup Collection

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