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Why Do Men Cheat on Women?

Why Do Men Cheat on Women?

When men cheat, they should have their reasons. A relationship counselor, Dr. Khurana had made some research regarding male infidelity and he has come up to the conclusion that most answers are for the wife’s perspective and not the man’s.

Reasons Why Guys Cheat

1. Fights at HomeWhen a man fights regularly with his wife and these quarrels are left unsolved, the man becomes unhappy and disturbed. He can either fight back or simply flee. The latter scenario may be the reason why men cheat on their wives. Because when they look for an affair, they search for someone that brings them calmness and understanding, therefore a parallel life and support.

Why Do Men Cheat on Women?

2. BoredomThis is another reason why guys cheat on their girlfriends and wives. Some men may find couple routine a little dull and instead of changing their situation, they find another relationship that will offer them the spark their current relationship lacks. They want to experiment something new and fresh and they are willing to take the risk.

3. Sexual ExperimentationSex represents an important aspect of a relationship. Some men are easily bored so they are willing to experiment more sexually. They like to have a lot of sexual partners and if the occasion arrives, they will not back off. Perhaps this makes them feel powerful and experts at bed talk!

4. Family HistorySome men may have witnessed cheating in their parent’s marriage and this might have transmitted them a message that it is okay to cheat. Our parents are in fact our first teachers because we learn from them each and every day, so seeing one of your parents cheat makes you think that this is the normal thing to do, when in fact it may bring a lot of suffering.

Surprising Reasons Why Guys Cheat

5. Temptation Is Too BigSome men like to live in chaos and they want to enjoy every temptation that might come along. The adrenaline rush that they get from cheating with another women is definitely a thrill and they love it, therefore they yield to temptation every time it comes along.

Why Do Men Cheat on Women?

6. InsecurityThere are some men that don’t feel good about themselves and they need the validation of women (others than their wives or girlfriends) to still feel desirable to the opposite sex.

7. Compulsory CheatingThis is in fact a real medical condition that should be treated. A compulsive cheater needs medical help and our recommendation would be to leave the relationship before it’s too late.

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