Zoya PixieDust Spring 2020 Nail Polishes

Zoya PixieDust Spring 2020 Nail Polishes

The new season caught Zoya plunging deep into a fantasy world where fairies glisten in the sunlight, scene that helped inspire the new Zoya PixieDust spring 2020 nail polish collection. The formula developed by Zoya has a magical, mesmerizing allure that will sweep even the most difficult-to-impress fashionistas off their feet, so consider yourself warned before you proceed to sneaking a peek at the fabulous collection!

Each nail lacquer bottle seems to be packing just the right dose of glamor, and paired with the trendiest pigments, these nail lacquers are bound to steal the spotlight from day to evening as the sugary texture brought by the fusion of matte pigments with glitter dust is simply irresistible.

Six new stunning nail lacquer shades will test your ability to resist this spring 2020 season, so let yourself be conquered and give the following sugary textured, long lasting and ultra-glittery nail color shades a try, as they’re all amazing.

The following PixieDust shades are given the task to provide your digits a distinct and enchanting look:

Zoya PixieDust Spring 2020 Nail Polishes

Dahlia – a black gray with a sugared sparkle

Godiva – a soft a soft nude-beige with a sugared sparkle

Chyna – a red dazzle with a sugared sparkle

Vespa – a mint green with a sugared sparkle

Nyx – a perfect periwinkle with a sugared sparkle

London – a fog gray with a sugared sparkle

Zoya PixieDust Spring 2020 Nail Polishes

These gorgeous opaque nail lacquers deliver the best results when displayed in two or three layers and the best part: no base or top coat is required. Each shade retails for $9, so grab on to your new season must have nail polish pigments as soon as possible as the collection has already hit the shelves!

Zoya PixieDust Spring 2020 Nail Polishes

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