1 Year Old Baby – Weight, Development & Milestones

Now that your baby has turned 1, congratulations on being a parent for a whole year. While that may be quite a special experience and a learning one as well, you are not done yet. In fact, you tend to keep learning till the end of your parenthood. And that is something that never ends. It is said that the learning in life never ends and we do keep learning something new every day and parenthood is no different. While you may be happy that you have been able to cross the crucial one year without any major setbacks, you are not done just yet. There are a lot of things you need to keep in mind because your one year old baby needs more attention now than ever. Here are a few things that you need to consider in detail.

Your 1 Year Old Baby

1. Feeding Him/Her:

Feeding your child may be a fun time. But it will not be as fun if you have to push the food into your baby’s mouth. It is not always right to feed them all the time. Since we as adults are used to three meals a day, we intend to keep them also up to the schedule. But, they still haven’t reached our stage of timing. So, allow your baby to skip a meal. It is completely fine. But make sure you give them the food when they are hungry. Now that doesn’t imply that you will keep serving as and when they demand. Complicated right?

Well, firstly make it a point to bring out the food at the regular meal times so that they know that its food time. Believe it or not, they will sense it with time. They will know when their feeding time comes up. Anyway, you also need to make sure that apart from the three meals, they also need a few snacks during the course of the day. Now that’s a diet for a one year old baby. So be on the lookout and keep a track of what is being fed and what isn’t.

2. Weight of Your Baby:

One of the most important things you need to note is the weight. That is the only way you get to track how healthy your one year old baby is. Now if you find him overweight, try and figure out some of the activities for 1 year old baby and do it with them and keep them active and follow what your doctor says regarding the diet. But if you are finding your baby underweight, then you are about to have a little panic attack. Do not miss out a single thing your baby’s doctor tells you regarding the weight. Generally, your one year old should be weighing a healthy 22 pounds if it is a she and a healthy 23 is a he. So keep the weight in check and follow up with your doctor visits.

3. Duration oF Sleep:

Worried if your baby is getting enough sleep? You need to understand that your one year old will get a little cranky if they do not get their required amount of sleep. While it largely varies from child to child, generally a child sleeps for almost 14 hours a day out of the 24 hours. 14 hours usually split into two nap times during the day and one in the night which is usually a longer one. If he/she is a year old, then you have nothing to worry about as such since you must have gotten a routine figured out. But if you haven’t, now is the time.

Your One Year Old Baby 2

4. Your Baby’s Development:

The intake of food for 1 year old baby is very important for the growth and development aspect which are directly related. You need to take care of the ‘diet for a one year old baby’ aspect to meet the requirements. Developments of your baby are high during this year and what you might be waiting to hear all your life might just be what you will. His/her first words. Do not get low if they do not pull off a ‘papa’ or a ‘mama’. Be proud of what your baby has come up to and the fact that he/she is developing.

They love to explore. So get rid of all the things that might make you regret later. Make it safe and secure for them to roll over, fall and climb up your cabinets as well and make sure you have enough of activities for 1 year old baby to do as they can show you what they are capable of and you will be able to figure out the while development process. Also, take care of the vaccinations of your baby and that should help you keep him safe from most diseases.

5. Food  & Toys:

Making sure your baby is getting the regular nutritious diet for a 1 year old baby is your top priority.
Also, stock up the toys for a 1 year old boy because he needs them more than ever now to develop a lot of his motor skills.

6. Your Baby’s Milestones:

If you are wondering what your baby would set up as milestones in this one year, then you are in for a treat.Your one year old baby might just clap his/her hands for you. Be a proud parent and clap your hands for your baby too. It was his first clap after all. And for the most important milestone ever, get your handy cam ready and watch out for his first few steps. You will also see them developing a sense of humor and laugh at what they find funny. So go ahead and make a fool of yourself. And once you are done, you may even find them imitating you. So stick around to watch all these and to enjoy and capture the first glimpse.

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If you are not going to have enough time to stick around for your one year old baby in this period of time, then you are missing out on what might just be the best year of your parenthood ever. The first words and first few steps are something you do not want to miss as a parent. Hence make sure you are there to cheer and clap and shed a few happy tears with your spouse.