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120+ Indian Latest Sikh Baby Names and Meanings

Sikh baby names are interesting. Some of them are also very modern, yet keeping it grounded to their culture and tradition. These famous Sikh baby names have a lot to connect with their religion and culture. Take a look at all the possible traditional Sikh names.

Sikh Baby Names

Latest Sikh Baby Names for Boys:

In this article, we will discuss about some of the finest Sikh baby names of all time.

1. Amul:

This is one of the best Sikh names for boys right now. You can name your male child by this name and nothing can be better that this. Every child is priceless to his parents and that is why this name sounds so appropriate.

2. Abhai:

The meaning of the name Abhai is “without fear”. Where the mind is without fear, a person is able to conquer almost anything. This is what our elders used to preach to us about, right? For the awesome meaning the name is totally suitable for a Sikh baby boy.

3. Akash:

Looking for Sikh baby boy names? This is one of the best ones right now which comes with a beautiful meaning. The meaning of the name Akash is “Lord of the day”. It is considered to be one of the finest names for all the Sikh boys and for such a great meaning anyone will be more than happy to name their child by this name.

4. Amtej:

Here is a fantastic name for the Punjabi or Sikh baby boys. The name is suitable for all the smart boys out there and the meaning of this name is “Lover of God”, which almost any Sikh is.

5. Anayk:

The meaning of this name is “various”. It may indicate a child with various traits or with different personalities. It is one of the fanciest names for the Sikh baby boys right now.

6. Bhav:

Bhav is a quite prestigious name for the Sikh baby boys. The meaning of the name is “all upon God”. The name gives the child some special power to attract attention just because of the name and for the awesome meaning and pronunciation it can be said to be one of the finest names for the Punjabi kids.

7. Balkar:

This is yet another great name for the Sikh baby boys. The name represents power and that is why the name sounds quite powerful and heavy to the ears as well.

8. Baldev:

This is one of the most used names for the boys belonging to the Sikh culture. The name is quite fascinating and will be suitable for all boys with a great personality. If a guy is named this way, then he will automatically get respect.

9. Bikram:

The name Bikram is something which every father and mother wants to name their child by. It is quite fascinating and goes hand in hand with the cultural Sikh names as well.

10. Bahadar:

The meaning of this name is brave and it is just perfect as all of them are born brave. The name sounds quite good as well and can be said to be one of the finest names for all the baby Sikh boys out there.

11. Didar:

Didar means melancholy. The name is a very popular Sikh name for the baby boys.

12. Dharam:

Keeping the ideas of rightness in mind, Dharam means ‘religious’. For those parents looking for some religious connection, this will be a good one.

13. Diljeet:

This sure would be a name we would have heard often. Diljeet is a very popular and common Sikh name that means ‘victorious’. If you are looking for some positivity around, this could be a good one.

14. Dilbagh:

The name means tiger. This famous Sikh name signals a sense of boldness and fierceness.

15. Guru:

How about a traditional Sikh name for your baby boy? Guru, as well know means ‘teacher’. You could narrow this down if it matches the theme you are looking for.

16. Gurmukh:

The name Gurmukh is a well-known Sikh name. Gurmukh is a pious man. For all those parents looking for a religious sentiment, this is a good name for your baby boy.

17. Gurdeep:

Gurdeep means the lamp of the Guru. This signals carrying the wisdom of God or bringing in wisdom to all the others.

18. Heet:

Heet means ‘love’. This Indian Sikh baby name is a choice for all those parents who are looking to express what their child means to them.

19. Har:

Haven’t we heard this name a lot among our Sikh friends? The name refers to the name of Lord Shiva.

20. Harjeet:

Another variant of Har is Harjeet. The name means victorious.

21. Harjee:

Harjee is a way to refer to ‘God’. For all those parents seeking to show reverence to the Lord, can think of Harjee for their son.

22. Haripreet:

Haripreet means ‘beloved of the Gods’. This is a new Sikh baby name for boys.

22. Ishwar:

Another common referent name to the Lord is Ishwar. Looking for a religious name for your baby boy? This could be one!

23. Inderpreet:

Inderpreet means ‘love for God’. To show your love and respect for God, for having blessed you with a baby, you could name your child ‘Inderpreet’.

24. Ishwin:

Ishwin is ‘one who praises God’. This is another Sikh baby boy name for your cute son.

25. Jag:

Jag means ‘the Universe’. Your son might mean the world to you and this one way to let him know what you feel about him.

26. Jivan:

Jivan means ‘life’. This is another latest Sikh baby boy name that is a good choice for your handsome son.

27. Kuldeep:

A very popular Sikh name for baby boys is Kuldeep. The name means ‘the enlightened one’.

28. Kanwal:

Kanwal means ‘flower’. For all those delicate cute little boys, this could be a good choice to think about.

29. Kulbir:

Kulbir means ‘hero’. Your son sure is your hero and will be for many others. Try this name!

30. Kulvir:

Kulvir also means ‘hero’.

31. Lakhvir:

Lakhvir means ‘brave’. How about this royal Sikh name for your baby boy?

32. Lakshman:

Lakshman means ‘quality of the mind’. For your baby boy, whose mind is innocent, this could be a good name for him.

33. Manvir:

Manvir means ‘brave heart’. This Sikh baby boy name is rightly for all those parents who think their baby boys are brave and bold.

34. Manjit:

Manjit means ‘conqueror of the mind’. Has your son actually captured your mind and heart? This name is then sure for him.

35. Manmohan:

Manmohan means ‘pleasing’. It also refers to Lord Krishna in Hinduism. This is a name that has meanings in more than one religion.

36. Manjot:

Manjot means ‘light of your heart’. Your son sure could be one. This will be a good name for him.

37. Nir:

Nir means ‘water’. Water is an essential thing for every one of us. Just as so, when you name your son Nir, you are essentially expressing what he means to you.

38. Navjot:

Navjot is a famous Sikh name that means ‘bright’. It signals how your son will be a light of your life.

39. Prem:

Prem, as all know, means ‘love’. This is a name that is popular in almost all the languages.

40. Prabhjot:

Prabhjot means ‘God’s light’. This is one good unique Sikh baby name for your son.

41. Paramvir:

Paramvir means ‘greatest warrior’.

42. Ranvir:

It means ‘hero’. Ranvir is a very popular Sikh name in the culture.

43. Rajdeep:

To signal how he is the best of all, naming him Rajdeep is one best way to do that. The name means ‘best of Kings’.

44. Ranjit:

Ranjit means ‘victorious’. To wish him emerge all victorious in everything he pursues, naming him Ranjit will be a good idea.

45. Ravinder:

Ravinder is the ‘God of Sun’ or is also used to mean ‘knowledge’. It signals supremacy.

46. Sanjeet:

The name Sanjeet means one is always victorious. Sanjeet is a traditional Sikh name that has been in use among Sikh parents for a long time.

47. Sajiv:

Sajiv means ‘lively’ or ‘alive’.

48. Tej:

It means ‘light’. Tej is new Sikh baby name that a lot of parents are now turning to.

49. Tirath:

Here is a unique Sikh name with meaning. It means ‘sacred place’.

50. Tanmeet:

Tanmeet means ‘strong or loyal’. This is a modern Sikh baby name.

51. Uttam:

Uttam means best. How about expressing to your child that he is the best by naming him so?

52. Vaibhav:

Vaibhav means richness. This is not just a Sikh name, but also has its origin in Hinduism.

53. Veraaj:

Veraaj means king.

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Sikh Baby Girl Names With Meanings:

Here are the some of latest and modern Sikh baby girl names

1. Asreet:

Asreet is regarded as someone who gives shelter. It also means the God of wealth and ‘one who is dependent on God’. This is a modern Sikh baby name you can think of.

2. Avneet:

Avneet means one who is modest or kind hearted. This name for your baby girl will be very rare and unique.

3. Babli:

Babli means someone who is chubby and lovely. This is also a common Sikh nickname for girls.

4. Charanpreet:

The name means someone who loves the feet of the Lord. This Sikh baby girl name is also a traditional one.

5. Chainpreet:

It means peaceful love. Chainpreet is a loved Sikh female name.

6. Dishmeet:

Dishmeet means a lovely soul. The name is a latest Sikh name baby girl name that you can think of for your lovely daughter.

7. Drivnaynee:

Drivnaynee means one with ‘angelic eyes’. If your baby girl can literally speak through her eyes, this name is sure for her.

8. Ekampreet:

Ekampreet means love for one’s God. Looking for a traditional Sikh female name? This is the one for you!

9. Fal:

Fal means ‘fruit’.

10. Garima:

Garima means warmth and is a modern Sikh baby girl name. This name has been used popularly by a lot of parents to name their baby girl.

11. Gunjeet:

The name means victory of the virtue. The name although was popular earlier, is also now being adopted by parents to name their child.

12. Gurparveen:

Gurparveen means Goddess of the stars. The name is a popular Sikh girl name for baby girls.

13. Gianpreet:

This is a name that refers to someone who loves the divine knowledge.

14. Hir:

Hir is another modern Sikh baby girl name for your daughter. The name means powerful and is now being largely used by parents to name their daughter.

15. Heera:

The name Heera means diamond and Queen of Gods. Heera is a popular and royal Sikh name that has been largely used and loved by Sikh parents.

16. Hardipa:

Hardipa is a rather unique Sikh baby name for girls. The name means ‘lamp of God’. It signals the carrying of lamp of wisdom.

17. Harsimran:

It means remembrance of God. Naming you child Harsimran would mean that you always have the thought of Almighty.

18. Haneet:

Haneet is the apt name for your beautiful baby girl.

19. Ishwarpreet:

Ishwarpreet means God’s beloved. This name can indicate that your child is actually the child of God.

20. Jasmeet:

Jasmeet is popularly heard name among the Punjabis. The name means famed or celebrated.

21. Jasnoor:

Jasnoor means the light of God. This name again indicates how the child will actually carry wisdom. This is a Sikh baby girl name from Gurbani.

22. Jasminder:

You would have heard of this name quite often. Jasmeet is a popular Sikh girl name from the Guru Granth Sahib. The name means Lords’ glory.

23. Jasleen:

Jasleen means a lot of things. It means ‘in the name of God’, someone absorbed in the singing God’s praise and abode of fame.

24. Jasinder:

Jasinder means glory of God. Here is another traditional Sikh girl names for your cute daughter.

25. Kaur:

Kaur is another commonly heard Sikh baby girl name. Often, it is used in combination with other names as the first name. Kaur means princess.

26. Karnapriya:

The name means something that is sweet to the ears. This is a modern Sikh baby girl name.

27. Lavanya:

Lavanya means ‘grace or beauty’. This could be another apt name for your graceful baby daughter.

28. Luvleen:

Luvleen is a very popular Sikh name. It means absorbed in the admiration of God.

29. Mithra:

Mithra means friend or the Sun. This name is often found as a Hindu name too.

30. Meher:

Meher is another name that is found among the Islamic culture too. It means ‘ benevolence’.

31. Manveer:

Manveer is someone who has a brave heart. This is another good name you can think of for your daughter to indicate how strong she is.

32. Namroop:

Namroop means one who becomes embodiment of the naam name. This is one rare name in Sikh culture.

33. Preet:

Preet is both a boy and a girl’s name. It means ‘love’.

34. Paramleen:

Paramleen means absorbed in the highest.Paramleen is a good name for you to zero down to.

35. Premsiri:

Another name with reference to love is Premsiri. It is a latest Sikh baby girl name.

36. Ridhima:

It means spring of love. Ridhima is also a popular Sikh baby name for girls.

37. Sai:

The name is for the Sikh girls and one cannot simply get a better name for a baby Punjabi girl better than this one. It means “friend”, which makes it quite sweet.

38. Safa:

Safa means “princess”. Almost every Sikh girl is born a princess and that is why this name is so suitable for all the females who are born in Sikh families. The name sounds quite good as well and for the great pronunciation, it will be good for any girl out there.

39. Samai:

Samaimeans “forbearance”. The name is quite beautiful and is equally impressive to the meaning. If you are looking for something totally classy and that comes with a good meaning as well, then this might be the one for you.

40. Sonam:

This is one of the most popular Sikh girl names out there. The name has been quite often seen to be used in Punjabi families for naming girls and it means “beautiful”. The name has many other meanings, “gold” being one of them.

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41. Sidha:

The meaning of the name Sidha is “food for God” or “nectar”. It is one of the finest names for all girls out there, especially Punjabis. The name is quite catchy and will be suitable for every female child born in the Sikh families.

42. Sonia:

This is yet another name which is quite often used by the parents in the Punjabi families to name their baby girls. The meaning of the name is “beautiful” and naturally, to every father and mother their baby girl will always be beautiful.

43. Samran:

The meaning of the name Samran is “remembering”. The name is quite fascinating and sounds quite fancy as well. Rest assured, this is one of the finest names for the Sikh baby girls to be named with.

44. Satam:

The name sounds to be suitable for boys, but is actually a name for the female Sikh babies. If you are in need of something totally alluring in terms of Sikh baby names, then this might be the right one for your child. It has got a good meaning and sounds good to the ears as well.

45. Sonhan:

Sonhan means “beautiful”. There is something special about this name. It is quite unique and both boys and girls are named by it thus making it a unisex name. It is considered to be one of the best Sikh baby names of all time.

46. Sadipak:

The meaning of this name is quite beautiful. Sadipak means “eternal lamp”. It also indicates “fire”. It will be one of those names which will make a girl sound like she’s very tough. The name only will be enough to grant her respect.

47. Taanu:

Taanu is also used as a popular Sikh name for baby girls. It means body or delicate. This is one good Sikh female name.

48. Tamnpreet:

Tamanpreet means gold or golden. For that lovely daughter of yours, Tamanpreet is a way to see how she is precious like gold, or even more!

49. Tanweer:

Tanweer means radiant. This indicates how your daughter will shine and radiate positivity to light to those in need.

Unisex Baby Names: Sikh Babies

1. Agampreet: This is a name that means ‘love for God’.

2. Amarpreet: Amarpreet means ‘immortal love for God’. A good start for naming your child after a religious connection.

3. Gurpreet: Gurpreet means Love of Guru or Almighty.

4. Gurmeet: Gurmeet means friend of the Guru.

5. Harbir: Harbir is a very rare name and means warrior of God.

6. Inderjeet: God’s triumph is the meaning of Inderjeet and is a popular Sikh unisex name.

7. Ishwarpreet: Another common name, the name means God’s beloved.

8. Jasbeer: Jasbeer means victorious hero.

9. Parminder: Parminder is a very traditional name. It means God of Gods.

10. Sukhwinder: Bringer of destiny is the meaning of Sukhwinder.

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Popular Sikh Names From Guru Granth Sahib:

1. Ajeet: Ajeet is a good baby boy name from the Holy book that means victorious.

2. Bhagwantjot: This is a popular Sikh baby girl name from Guru Granth Sahib. It means Light of God.

3. Gurjas: Fame of Lord is what this name means. This is a Sikh baby boy name from Gurbani.

4. Chirag: Chirag means a lighted lamp.

5. Gurkiran: Gurkiran means ray of Guru’s light. This is a Sikh baby name from Gurbani.

6. Guneet: Guneet is the latest Sikh baby boy name. It means one who is meritorious.

7. Gurpreet: Gurpreet is a name for the baby girl and means love of God/Almighty.

8. Aadh: Aadh means half and is a good name for the baby girl.

9. Akalprem: This means Love of God and is a name for the boy.

10. Gurman: This is the name of a Sikh baby boy. It means the heart of the Guru.

Our latest Indian Sikh baby names are made just to make your job hunting process a lot easier. Most of them have a religious and cultural connection or connotation. They have also been supplied the meaning. Take a look and decide what you think could be the best for your son and daughter.

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