Bleeding During Pregnancy

Bleeding During Pregnancy

Bleeding during pregnancy can be confused with periods but in reality this is not the case. You can never have your periods during your pregnancy because the egg in you womb has already embedded itself on the lining of the uterus and started evolving into the miracle that is your baby. At this point the baby needs all the blood to remain in your system so that you can stay healthy and so can the baby. But it very rare cases some mothers suffer with bleeding during pregnancy. This should not cause alarm as it is completely normal for a mother to have bleeding at times. But excess bleeding is very bad, excess bleeding may cause harm to the child so as long as the bleeding is mild in nature and does not affect your overall health you and your baby are safe.

Bleeding During Pregnancy

There are a few distinctive causes of bleeding when you are pregnant, though these causes are limited in nature they still have a standing in making you bleed no matter how little, some of these causes are:-


Infection may cause bleeding at some points in time. Though the infection may be treated the bleeding cannot so be safe and clean. Some women may suffer with severe bleeding and some with extremely light bleeding. Infection if left can overtime cause a sufficient amount of bleeding and may also affect the growth of your baby in your womb and since your body at this time is highly susceptible to foreign disease and bacteria it is necessary to keep yourself healthy for your sake and especially for your baby’s sake.

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Placental Problems:

Irregularities in the placenta may also cause bleeding. The placenta is the wall that covers your baby as long as it is in the womb. The placenta is discharged when the baby is born. This protective blanket keeps the baby arm in the womb and also is the holder of the amniotic fluid that keeps the baby healthy. A small glitch in the placenta may cause a little blood discharge, but since the placenta protects your baby it will heal in time and the bleeding will also stop.

Loss of The Baby:

This is the most disturbing of all the causes of bleeding because it involves you having a miscarriage which in other words means that the baby is either dying in your womb or has already passed away. This can occur due to severe trauma caused to the stomach maybe if you have recently fallen or by accident something has hurt your stomach in any way. At this time a large amount of blood will exit your body and most times the people will blackout. That is why at the beginning of a pregnancy the doctor will always advise you on not exerting yourself and to be safe.

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There are several symptoms which will give you fair warning before you start to bleed some of these symptoms are-


Cramps come early on before the bleeding starts usually the cramps are not that strong but at some point it becomes unbearable. if you suddenly start having stomach cramps during the course of your day then it is highly likely that you will be bleeding in sometime. Cramps are the first sign of bleeding during pregnancy. Cramps will be coming now and then therefore be weary if you are getting cramps then it is possible that you have an infection or any other cause for attention.


Fatigue is also another symptom of bleeding. The blood at this point will rush towards your abdomen causing you to feel light headed. As soon as you start feeling this way lay down as fatigue may cause you to fall and hurt the baby. Impending loss of blood may cause you to feel tired and lazy. And as soon as you start bleeding if it is excessive you will feel sick and nauseous therefore stay safe and get an immediate check up from your doctor.

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Excessive Pain:

Pain is the basic feeling when it comes to bleeding during a pregnancy. Pain comes becomes bleeding at this time is not a normal factor. Infection will cause pain in the abdomen and so will placental problems. So do not fear till the pain is beyond control there is not much to worry about but still to stay safe it is important that you consult a doctor in regards to why the pain has started.

Home remedies per say are not very distinct when it comes to the healing of your bleeding problem during pregnancy as there is no proper known fact as why some women bleed during their pregnancy, but after trial and error some basic remedies have been created to avoid this problem and keep the mother and baby healthy-

Protein and Vitamin Enriched Diet:

Proteins in foods help to strengthen the body and help you stay strong to fight of any unnecessary infections that may be the cause of your bleeding. It is of great importance that you do everything in your power to control the bleeding in order to keep your child safe. Vitamins also help in the contribution of the baby’s good health and the mothers health too. So a well balanced diet r5ich in proteins and vitamins and minerals will help avoid infection.

Plenty of Fluids:

Fluids especially water is the base of life. Without water it is impossible for a person to stay healthy. Water and other fluids will clean the mothers system entirely of any unwanted germs and bacteria that can cause harm to the baby in the form of infection. Fluids will wash out your system considerably causing all the excess blood to be washed out leaving your body clean. Fluids will also give you the necessary strength to handle yourself during the time when you are bleeding as pregnancy causing you anyway to lose a lot of strength.

Lastly doctors treatment and guidance will help keep you on the right tract so that your baby remains healthy and strong.

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