15 Different Fruits and Vegetables Craft Ideas For Kids With Images

Eating a proper diet food helps us to make healthy lifestyle forever and the vegetables with fruits are the main things which we cover daily in our diet or in a meal. But when parents want their kids to eat healthy foods everyday then kids never listen to their parents’ choice about meals. Parents regularly encourage to their kids about healthy foods but in reality time this kind of things never properly work on their kids. Parents daily headache to teach their kids about healthy foods benefits but kids are always kids. Then parents try to teach their kids in different way, craft of vegetables and fruits is the part of those teaching activities. Learning system in creative way is the method which is related to kids’ regular activities.

Parents can introduce to their kids about fruits and vegetables craft ideas which are helpful to understand them about benefits of green vegetables and fruits. Teach kids the many fruits and vegetables that are available through these adorable craft activities.

Different Types of  Fruits and Vegetables Craft Ideas For Kids With Images:

Here are few selected top 15 fruits and vegetables craft ideas with images which helpful to teach your kids,

1. Fruits and Vegetables Cutouts Crafts:

Fruits and Vegetables Cutouts Crafts

These lovely fruits and vegetables arts and crafts are very useful to teach kids about the food items that they can eat. You can show them these craft cutouts to teach them about the colors also. Decorate the cutouts with eyes and nose to make them look like faces. This will be good funny way to teach your kids and this type of crafts you will find in schools classroom too.

2. King Crown Vegetable and Fruit Craft:

King Crown Vegetable and Fruit Craft

Teach kids the king of the fruits and the king of the vegetables using this lovely crown craft idea. The vegetable craft is a nice way to make kids understand the uses of the fruits and vegetables. Having their fruits on a daily basis is very important to them. Surprise your kid and let him know about fruits and vegetables benefits for our fitness.

3. Vegetable Stamping Craft:

Vegetable Stamping Craft

Make kids do this cute painting using vegetables. The vegetable stamping craft is very popular among kids. It’s a great vegetable craft idea that can be accomplished with vegetables like Brussels sprouts, lady fingers, etc.These types of crafts are very useful while any painting competitions for kids, this one is good idea while crafting vegetable and fruits patterns.

4. Art with Vegetables as a Craft Idea:

Art with Vegetables as a Craft Idea

Here are some cool ways in which fruits and vegetables can be turned into art work. The cabbage is turned into a dog and a pear into a mouse. The vegetables art and craft is wonderful for table decoration on important occasions. This is totally handmade and for this type of craft need proper creativity of stuff using all methods of craft ideas, using vegetables or fruits when we make a craft that time need proper cut and attention on design too.

5. Basket of Fruits Craft:

Basket of Fruits Craft

This lovely fruit basket is made from a paper plate. It is painted brown and cut in the centre. Different fruit shapes are cut from paper and colored brightly. They are then stuck on the paper plate basket. These are the good vegetable craft ideas for preschoolers. You can hang this craft on wall in your kid’s bedroom; let them know about vegetables and fruits.

6. Bubble Wrap Pineapple as a Craft:

Bubble Wrap Pineapple as a Craft

Make this cute pineapple using bubble wrap and paints. You need to cut out the shape of a pineapple on card paper. Use yellow paint for the fruit and green for the leaves. This nice fruit craft is fun to make and gift. Make such type of crafts to help your baby kids to understand the name of fruits as well as vegetables too.

7. Cherry Tree Fruit Craft:

Cherry Tree Fruit Craft

These fun fruit crafts for preschoolers are great to keep little hands busy. The cherry tree is painted on chart paper. The cherries are made from red beads joined together. The kids can each place a cherry on the tree. This type of cherry tree crafts you can use in any function or on Christmas decoration too, red colored cherry gives cool look to this craft.

8. Match The Shadow Craft:

Match The Shadow Craft

Here is a good activity for kids to learn about fruits and vegetables. This match the shadow game is played using the cutouts of fruits and vegetables. Fruits art and craft are a good idea for games and activities for all kids in general. This craft is the best way to teach your kids, it looks like a puzzle for them. They will surely enjoy the match fruits puzzle for their free time. On any holiday time you can play this game with your kids so they can understand the shape of fruits.

9. Finger Print Card as a Craft:

Finger Print Card as a Craft

You can gift your loved one this cool finger print card for their birthday. This grape bunch is made by stamping your finger on the paper with purple color. You can paint the leaves with green color. This is one way to teach kids how to make vegetable craft. If your kids love grapes then update them to make a craft of grapes using their fingers and they will surely catch your appreciation.

10. Fruit Skewers Craft:

Fruit Skewers Craft

Help kids eat healthy foods by giving those foods that look great too. Mostly kids avoid eating full fruit without cut and parents also force them to finish the fruit. In this type of situations parents can give a creative idea to finish fruits. These fruit skewers are made with colorful fruits like strawberries, grapes, kiwis, apples and cherry tomatoes. Kids will love to eat these healthy snacks and also create these fruit crafts. Kids enjoy eating small things as early as possible so this one idea will help to parents surely.

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11. Potato Print Wrapping Paper Craft:

Potato Print Wrapping Paper Craft

This is a creative way to gift wrap a present. This gift wrapping paper is made from potato pieces. You can cut the potato into different shapes and then use various colors to stamp it onto paper. This creates a design that looks good as a wrapping paper. You can help to your kids for this type of craft, they can use other type of fruits too so let them enjoy this style of craft patterns too.

12. Apple Book as Gifting Craft:

Apple Book as Gifting Craft

Help kids make this nice fruit book such as this apple book. You can choose from various vegetable craft images to select the fruit you want. The book is made by sticking several pieces of paper cut in the fruit shape. You can then color the first page and make that the book cover. You can use picture of your kids and paste them on each fruit images and let them know about the vegetables and fruits. In their free time they will learn this way about this topic.

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13. Garden Patch Craft:

Garden Patch Craft

This is a great way to teach kids how fruits and vegetables grow in the garden. The poster has many fruits and vegetables shown that are grown either under or above the ground. Kids can understand the various methods of growing food items. You can use canvas paper too for your kids’ bedroom, they will surely learn from this. Such type of pictures helps to learn fast.

14. Brush Craft:

Brush Craft

Kids can easily create these adorable fruit and vegetable decorations using bottle brushes. The colorful brushes can be twisted and turned to form the fruits or vegetable they like. They can then hang them in the classroom for all to see. School teachers can use this idea and help their students to learn about fruits, students will enjoy this type of great method.

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15. Fruit Lacing Craft:

Fruit Lacing Craft

A fun fruit activity to increase the hand eye coordination of kids is to give them this lacing job. Here we use fruit cutouts and punch holes in the borders. Kids are given thread to lace it through the holes. This one will be nice idea to teach them.

Kids are constantly pulled in to exercises that are fun as well as interesting. You will find this type of vegetables and fruits crafts in school art hall, now a day’s school is constantly guide and suggest to students about the health benefit of eating vegetables and fruits. They take a help of different kinds of artificial craft patterns to make a vegetables and fruits crafts.This kind of crafts take less time to make a vegetable or fruit crafts so while making such crafts teacher approach to students to help them in this creativity or activity. Fruits and vegetables are food items that all kids must have. Crafts based on this theme are great to keep them informed and help them know the various food items.

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