15 Easy Butterfly Craft Ideas To Make At Home

The beauty of butterfly is in a butterfly’s wings, which it is known for its best. It’s all because of its versatility and the different colors around that make it even more beautiful. Butterfly craft are one such thing that needs some skill a little more hard work to be done.

Best Butterfly Craft Ideas To Make At Home:

Here are some top 15 butterfly craft ideas for adults, preschoolers and toddlers.

1. Paper Bag Butterfly Craft:

Paper Bag Butterfly Craft

with making of craft why not make it a little more useful, while you are making something decorative and shape of butterfly make it look cool, make a paper bag with butterfly craft added to it, you can simply stick your craft to the paper bag and this butterfly paper craft will be more useful to you.

2. Cup Butterfly Craft:

Cup Butterfly Craft

You will always need some paper or colored sheet to make some craft, so this craft idea is really good, what you have to do is pick up the thermocol cups from your kitchen then paint them and them make a beautiful butterfly out of the colored sheet and stick the colored sheet on the cup.

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3. Wine Cork Craft:

Wine Cork Butterfly Craft

a lot of people get confused about how to make craft butterfly but here is one great idea when you are left with wine cork do not throw them instead keep them and then you can make butterfly craft from your colored sheet and stick on the wine cork. You can also make eyes and other parts and stick on that cork and well decorate it.

4. Ice Cream Stick Craft:

Ice Cream Stick Butterfly Craft

you bring home some popsicle for your kids and then you are left with the ice cream stick, this is a great time to teach your kids how to do butterfly craft you make them learn how to make beautiful butterfly and just stick then that craft on the popsicle stick. This will become hard making it last for long and kids can keep in their room this is the best butterfly craft for kids.

5. CD Butterfly Craft:

CD Butterfly Craft

your preschooler is often given a lot of activities to do, so here are one great butterfly crafts for preschoolers, collect the old CD”s and then make a creative butterfly craft and stick the craft on to the CD this way a new craft will be formed also the CD shine’s making it look even more better.

6. Paper Towel Craft:

Paper Towel Butterfly Craft

there are adults who’s not only pastime but also craft making is a skill, what an adult can do to its best is save the paper towel left over and then you can fold the paper towel into a butterfly first into the wings then you can make the eyes from something different, these are the best butterfly crafts for adults, also to enhance their skills.

7. Jelly Bean Craft:

Jelly Bean Butterfly Craft

here is one great thing for toddlers’ there are little jelly beans out there in market you can make small butterfly craft for your toddler to play and even some of the jelly beans are edible, so you just have to stick those jelly bean packet to some ice cream stick or to a cloth pin, the good way for your toddler to play with and by far best butterfly crafts for toddlers.

8. Cloth Pin Craft:

Cloth Pin Butterfly Craft

One great craft idea is the cloth pin craft all you need is a cloth pin and your craft needs you just have to color the cloth pin and one good thing you can do is tie a thin rope in shape of butterfly wings, and here you get a beautiful craft.

9. Tissue Butterfly Craft:

Tissue Butterfly Craft

there a lot of butterflies for crafts and many different ideas’ among them is one for tissue butterfly craft, all you need to do it pick up colored tissue and them crush them a little then just tie one end and give it a shape of butterfly. You make the big long part of butterfly with some foldable wire so it’s not light.

10. Chalk Butterfly Craft:

Chalk Butterfly Craft

kids love to play with chalks’ and while they are young and free why not capture their moments with a good background one good butterfly crafts for kids is, you can make big butterfly with chalk and let the kids lie on the ground in the middle to it and then capture these snaps.

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11. Leaf Butterfly Craft:

Leaf Butterfly Craft

Why not make a butterfly out of leaf and twigs from your surroundings, this craft idea for adults is good where you just have to pick different colored leaves and give it a shape of butterfly by pasting them together and add the twig in the middle making it body part and little ears.

12. Butterfly Cookie:

Butterfly Cookie Craft

one amazing craft idea for adult are the butterfly cookies’ you can make cookies’ in shape of butterfly they will need the hard work but all you need to do in mold the dough in shape of butterfly or you can put them in butterfly shape mold and get one amazing thing.

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13. Butterfly Cushion:

Butterfly Cushion

Okay so here is one great thing for people who love butterfly you can make a cushion of butterfly you just need to give it a shape of butterfly and sew it in shape of butterfly this is one good butterfly craft for adult you can increase your ability in this and also make some money out of it.

14. Stained Glass Craft:

Stained Glass Butterfly Craft

okay so one good thing for kids is the stained glass butterfly craft for kids, all you need to do is make your kid learn about this craft, it’s just a butterfly craft that is stuck on a glass and its’ transparent so you can see it through it.

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15. Polka Dot Craft:

Polka Dot Butterfly Craft

some people love to have a polka dot in their home so one good butterfly craft ideas for adults are that you can make butterfly craft out of polka dot sheet or shinny polka dot sheet with its wings in it, and you can hang them in your room or where ever you like it the most.

So as mentioned above there are many butterfly craft and craft idea that you can relate and also make, craft can not only increase your skill but it will also help to make you a little money from home, if you can start up your small entrepreneur ship . So just give it a try.

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