4 Best and Comfortable Breastfeeding Positions

The most beautiful form of nature is the origin of humanity that is ‘A mother’. It is a wonderful process how a baby is born and brought to this world. The relationship of a mother and a child is as pure as the emotions. Breastfeeding is one such miracle of god which is best in its purest form. Breastfeeding positions for women is an important thing which should be kept in mind so that all the nutrients and calcium is correctly transferred to the baby. Some things should be kept in mind so that the baby grows healthy and strong.

4 Right Breastfeeding Positions

Here are some different breastfeeding positions which help in the correct flow of nutrients from the mother to the baby-

Comfortable Breastfeeding Positions:

1. The Cradle:

Breast Feeding Positions-The Cradle

Sit down with folded legs with your baby resting on your abdomen and your elbow supporting his head and your hand supporting his legs. Your other hand should be supporting your breast. This is the ideal breastfeeding position for newborn as it is very comfortable both for the mother as well as for the baby. The baby completely fits and adjusts inside his mother’s laps. It is considered as a very comfortable position for the baby and also for the mother.

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2. The Cross Cradle:

Breast Feeding Positions-The Cross Cradle

Sit with folded legs with your baby lying on a pillow so that he stays in touch with you and is close to your breast. If you are feeding on your left breast then support the baby by using the right hand. This position for breastfeeding is very comfortable for the baby as he is lying on a pillow and also for the mother as she has to rest both her hands and can feed without any pain. The mother should always be comfortable while nursing because then only she will be able t feed properly and according to the need of the baby.

3. Side Lying Position:

Breast Feeding Positions-side lying position

Lying down on the bed, place the baby in such a position that he is facing you and his chest is close to your chest.  If you are lying on your left side then use your left breast and give your back a support by using a pillow or the back of a bed. Most mothers prefer holding the baby in their hands while lying down. You can do however it may please you. Having a support is any day considered better because in this way the mother will be comfortable and then she would be able to feed the baby perfectly.

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4. The Football Position:

Breast Feeding Positions-THE FOOTBALL POSITION

In this breastfeeding position, you have to hold your baby in your lap lengthwise. You can uphold your baby and give him support by the help of a pillow. If you are nursing on your right side then use your right hand to support your baby and guide his head to your breast with your left hand. It is considered as one of the best breastfeeding positions for women as it is convenient for the baby as well as the mother to feed in this position. This way you can also keep a check on the baby’s face and the amount of milk he needs at a particular time. It’s the best way to check your child’s appetite.

More Nursing Tips:

1. Switch sides when you are feeding the child while lying down on the bed. This way the baby will get equal amount of nutrients and it is also very beneficial if the breast gets short of milk. You can switch to another breast in such cases to satisfy your child.

2. If the baby is not able to latch on properly and he is not able to fit in your arms or laps properly, then it is ideal to hold the baby in your hand with his head being supported by your elbow and his body by your hand and feed him by using your other hand to support the required breast. This way the baby will be able to feed quickly by the support of your hands and he will not require any support.

3. Breastfeeding is process that evolves with time. It might not be very pleasing in the beginning but gradually and slowly, you will be able to deal with it anytime and anywhere. You will become a pro at it by continuous practice. Your baby may need nursing at the oddest hours and you will have to be ready any time so that you are able to satisfy your baby’s needs.

4. Chose the right combination. Many mothers chose to both breastfeed and bottle feed their babies according to the situations. It is better to be prepared at all times so you should always have a bottle of milk with you at all times. Your baby may need it anytime and anywhere.

5. You should also decide the right formula. Whether you want to use ready to feed liquid, concentrate or powder milk. Then you should pick your base whether you want to use cow milk, soy milk or specialized milk (medical purposes).

6. If you are bottle feeding then you should keep all the utensils clean and clear. Just make sure that all the nipples, bottles and containers are clean. Boil them if needed just to be sure of the cleaning and purity. It is very important to use clean and pure utensils because babies are so sensitive and very prone to diseases and bacteria.

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After all it’s your baby and you would want everything to be perfect and appropriate. These best breastfeeding positions and nursing tips will help you understand breastfeeding better and also your baby better. At first you may find it a bit difficult and irritating but as soon you get used to it, you will know its importance in your as well as your baby’s life. We brought to you different breastfeeding positions so that you easily understand them and take suitable measures to do it correctly. This way you and your baby will stay fit and healthy and your baby will get all the nutrients from the mother nicely.

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