9 Amazing Dragon Craft Ideas For Kids And Preschoolers

Dragon crafts simply are some craft type ideas for kids that will help them keep engaged and happy for hours. This is dragon craft. If one doesn’t have the idea as to how to keep their kids busy all the time then this is a very good idea. Children love to play with dragon crafts.

Best Dragon Crafts And Ideas For Kids:

Here are some top 9 dragon craft designs,

1. Chinese Dragon Craft:

Chinese Dragon Craft

Here is something great for children to be involved in Chinese year and dragon craft. This is the dragon craft for kids. For this one needs these set of things like Paper plate, paint, glue, tissue paper and decorative paper and card. Paint the back of the plate, punch a hole on either side and tie through a length of elastic. Carefully cut out two eye holes, cut strips of tissue paper and glue them. Carve horns, a nose, and spikes from decorative card and paste these to your mask and here are the Chinese dragon crafts for toddlers ready.

2. Stick Dragon Craft:

Stick Dragon Craft

Stick dragon is much like kids toy for children and they are also good to pass time for them. For this one would need Cardboard, red art paper, glue, color pencils, Popsicle stick. Cut the cardboard in the shape of dragon head and tail. Paint it with color pencils and pastels and tape the sticks near the head and tail and then your stick dragon is ready to be played.

3. Hand Shape Paper Dragon:

Hand Shape Paper Dragon

This is an irresistible papercraft dragon and all you need is colorful paper handshapes but just add a head and tail and your hand shape paper dragon ready. One can make it more fanciful by adding legs to it.

4. Dragon Bubble Wrap Print:

Dragon Bubble Wrap Print

This is the craft design for the preschoolers and it shows kids that they can recycle bubble wrap and use it as a printing medium in crafts. For this, you will need dragon template, bubble wrap, construction paper, paintbrush and green paint.

5. Dragon Bookmark Craft:

Dragon Bookmark Craft

This dragon bookmark craft makes a spectacular gift in the Chinese year or for the person born in the Chinese New Year. For this one will need craft foam, ribbon, fabric glue and decorative bits and pieces.

6. Chinese Dragon Puppet:

Chinese Dragon Puppet

This beautiful Chinese dragon craft preschool is made up using golden ribbon to give it a scaly effect along with pink, yellow and red craft foam. It looks spectacular.

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7. Dragon Mask:

Dragon Mask

Celebrate the Chinese New Year using this dragon mask. Print the dragon on white card, color the dragon then cut out the mask. Punch a hole on each side of the mask and then tie it on back using thread. Your Chinese new year dragon craft mask is ready.

8. Dragon Collage:

Dragon Collage

This is a dragon collage craft idea for children. This are the fun dragon crafts for children and all you need is a paper, card, glue and some decorative bits and pieces. Draw the dragon figure and cut it out and glue the paper dragon on the card and stick on the wiggle eye. Decorate the dragon anyway you like.

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9. Cup and Ball Chinese Dragon:

Cup and Ball Chinese Dragon

A simple paper cup and craft ball can make an amazing cup and ball Chinese dragon All you need is paper, cup, ball, paint, glue, craft foam and ribbon.

Dragon is the symbol of Chinese tradition and making craft using this creature picture with your idea then this will be good fun for your kids too. These were some dragon craft activities which school teachers help to their students to make such type of dragon masks or crafts.

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